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5 Tips For Working Uber As A Single Mom

5 Tips For Working Uber As A Single Mom

So you need to make some quick easy cash to pay the bills? That was me a few weeks ago when we flew from Mexico back to the USA so I jumped in my car and started ubering the day after landing. Sure enough, within 5 hours, I made over $130 working for Uber. That is $130 for just picking people up and driving them to their destinations. Easy peasy. After working for Uber on our last two return trips to the states, I discovered 5 tips for working Uber as a single mom.

Back in January, on another return trip to the states, I desperately needed some extra cash. I signed up for Uber and was approved the same day. It literally took a few minutes to sign up for Uber from the app. I was nervous but excited. As a single mom, any type of extra cash I can make is always helpful. The great thing about Uber is that you work your own hours which is also important as a single mom. All you do is touch the online button on the app and hop in your car. When you are ready to quit for the day, hit the offline button and your work day is over.

There is no one to answer to and the money you make can be deposited into your account within seconds at the hit of a button. Here are 5 tips for working Uber as a single mom.

1. Turn Off Your Ignition

There is a myth out there that says turning your car engine on and off wastes gas so a lot of people leave their ignition on. This is a myth. Any wait over 10 seconds waste more gas than just simply turning your engine off and waiting to get a ping for pick up on the Uber app. I saved a lot more gas once I started turning off my engine and waiting where I dropped off my latest rider. The only time I drive somewhere after dropping someone off is if they live pretty far out from things. If that is the case, I drive closer to where businesses are and wait there.

2. Say No To Food

After driving for a few days, you will automatically qualify to start driving for Uber Eats. Uber eats is food deliveries. The nice thing about Uber eats is that it keeps you busy when rides are slow. The bad thing about Uber eats is it is typically not worth the money. With the food delivery side of Uber, you have to drive to the restaurant and pick up the food. Sometimes, it is difficult to find parking depending on the location of the place. Sometimes you have to wait for the order because it is not ready yet. Then, you have to hop back in your vehicle and drive to the drop off location for the order. Sometimes you then have to hop back out of your vehicle to figure out which apartment or business office to drop the food off with. If the person meets you outside, it is great but I found that to be rare. I started making more money when I turned off the delivering food option and just did the regular Uber driving option.

3. Stay Away

Stay away from other drivers. This tip was taught to me by a friend that drives for Uber. Go into the app as a rider instead of a driver to see where all the other Uber drivers are and stay away from them. Seriously. Go somewhere else otherwise, you are going to be competing for rides with each of them.

4. Kill Them With Kindness

As a single mom. We need to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible. Uber tips will help make that possible. Sometimes, you can get $30 or $40 in tips or more day by just being nice to people. Greet them when they get in your vehicle. Have a conversation with them but don’t push it too much. You can tell which people want to talk to you and which people would rather have a silent ride. I always talk about my full-time travel lifestyle, and I ask them about their life. Being super nice helps me get lots of tips which adds up to a good chunk of change at the end of the day. Your tips can pay for the babysitter you need to hire so you could work that day.  

5.To Peak Or Not To Peak

Don’t pay attention to surge prices and peak time. Surge prices are when an area is supposed to be super busy and you get extra pay for working in them. They are tempting because of the extra pay but I found that I made less money during those times because every other Uber driver in town comes out to work at those times too. I try and go in the opposite direction of those surge areas unless I receive a ride request or drop off in that area.

Now you are ready to start working for Uber. If you sign up with my code, you get $100 sign up bonus and I do too!


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