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5 Ways To Get Clear On What You Truly Desire

Clarity is key for manifesting what you truly desire yet it is something commonly missed in the manifestation process.

How are you supposed to know where you are going without a clear vision of the end goal?

The Universe wants to give you what you truly want so why not help her out and be as specific as possible. 

With all of that being said, I know of so many women who struggle with figuring out and being clear on what it is that they truly desire. I have struggled with this myself in the past.

Here are 5 steps to help you get clear on what it is that you truly desire: 

Focus On The Feeling

Feelings are so underrated but so damn important. How do you want to feel on a daily basis? How do you want to feel in your home, at work, around your family and friends, when you are alone, when you are out?

Think about this.

Are there any moments in your life where you felt so amazing that you can still feel those feelings from that moment in time. Were you laughing uncontrollably while being surrounded by friends? Were you excited about a brand new business idea? Were you looking into the eyes of your brand new baby totally in love? Focus on the feelings you want to have in your life. You can build on this to get clear on your desires. 

Sometimes we think it is what we physically want but in actuality it is the FEELING behind the physical item that is what we truly DESIRE. Identify the feelings first and then go back and look at what things will help bring about those feelings.

Every month in my Inner Circle Membership Site I run a goal setting workshop. I always ask my Inner Circle Mommas how they want to feel for the month. When they know how they want to feel they can then choose goals in alignment with the feeling they are trying to create. 

Utilize Manifestation Tools

There are so many manifestation tools out there to be utilized  like vision boards, scripting, hypnosis, meditation, etc..

Experiment with the different manifestation tools and then choose 1 or 2 that work for you.

My absolute favorite is scripting right now. I seriously can’t get enough of it.

Scripting is essentially writing out a script/letter to the Universe for what it is you are wanting to manifest as if it has already happened or is happening now. 

 Here is an example of a script for manifesting your dream business: 

Dear Universe,

I can’t believe I seriously get to do the work I love each and every day. It feels so good to be helping single moms create lives of freedom that they absolutely love. Every morning I wake up excited to start the day and get to work inspiring and changing lives. I have the absolute best team that does all the ins and out of the business so I can focus on the creative work. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I wake when my body is rested. My mornings are slow and beautiful. I drink my black coffee slowly as I get in my morning reading before diving into creation mode. If I want to take a day or two or a month off I can because my business is completely location independent. I feel so good doing the work I do and I have the absolute best clients. Seriously, I am so inspired by these inspirational empowered single mommas. Thank you for this beautiful gift of doing purpose driven work. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!


Amoya Shante

Now, there are more steps involved with scripting which you can read by clicking here but you should get the gist of it now. 

Pay Attention To Downloads 

What in the heck are downloads? Downloads are message from the Universe. You can think of then as little nudges from the Universe directing you down a path. I can’t tell you how many times I hear people ignore these downloads. 

They can come at any time as often or as little as they like. Mine typically come when I am doing the dishes or taking a bath. 

There I am in a relaxing bath when I get an idea. It could be anything like a business idea, a recipe idea, or even an urge to call someone or check in on someone.

Has this every happened to you? Have you felt the nudge to act on something. What did you do when you felt that nudge? Did you ignore it? 

Don’t ignore the nudges from the Universe. Listen to that gut feeling that is trying to lead you closer to your desires. 

Take Inspired Action 

Now that you are listening to those nudges firm the Universe you are ready to actually take inspired action. 

What do I mean by inspired action?

Well you don’t want to just take any action although any action is better than no action at all.

Still… you want to make sure that you are taking inspired aligned action.

Let’s go back to the nudges from the Universe. Take action on those nudges.  That is what I mean by inspired action. 

When you get that business idea don’t just put it to the side, act on it! 

These are direct messages from the Universe and shouldn’t be ignored. 

Sometimes people think manifesting means visualizing something and then it comes to you because they watched movies like The Secret. Wrong!

This is missing the key step of actually taking action to bring forth what it is that you desire.

Listen to those nudges and take action. 

Recently, I had the nudge to post in the Austin Social 20’s and 30’s group and ask if anyone would be up to joining me for a drink after the crazy Texas winter storm we survived. 

6 strangers said yes! I made a good friend out of that 6 person meetup which then lead to me taking more aligned action and meeting more good friends. Now there are 18 of us who chat on a daily basis and spend time together 4 to 5 times a week. 

I feel like I have known these souls for a lifetime already. 

I went from lonely new girl in town to having an abundance of friendships overnight.

I chose the brand Single Moms DO because I loved the emphasis on DO! We don’t just hope and wish we go out there and actually DO!

Explore Your Interests

Have you ever been interested in something but you let fear hold you back from actually exploring it? 

Maybe you came up with an excuse as to why you couldn’t explore it. 

I have been interested in working on my singing for a while. Public singing is scary for me but it is also so healing. 

Recently, I finally joined TikTok after discovering their duet singing feature and it’s been an absolute blast!!

I am creating with other creatives all around the world. 

Is there anything you are interested in? Look up online classes, local classes, FB groups, groups, etc. and go do it. 

Start exploring your interests and watch how that helps you get clear on what it is that you truly desire. 

My business is literally built around the things that interest me. We have monthly goal setting workshops, monthly book club, movie night, personal development workshops, daily chats, business masterminds, etc…

Okay My Loves! Use these five tips to get clear on what it is that you truly desire and then tell me what you truly desire in the comments. 


Let me know what you think!

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