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A Simple Living Morning Routine Here In Albania

A New Home

Morning routine here in albania
My view from my bed every morning.

Distant chatter and music from the cafes below dance through my window. Fresh crisp cold air flows through my patio door as I move through my morning routine here in Albania while enjoying our new Airbnb.

I am so thankful for our new home because it is perfect for the girls and I. It comes with bunk beds in a colorful girl’s room and super comfy bed with memory foam pillows in mine. You can’t help but be happy standing in the shiny bright red kitchen.

It is so hard to truly feel at home as a full-time traveler but I do in this Airbnb. We are further out than we were in our last place but that’s nothing a short taxi ride can’t fix or if we are feeling super adventurous, we can walk 30 minutes to the city center.

It’s small which keeps us close instead of off in our own worlds. Plus, small places are easier to clean. My advice to you is to downsize. You don’t need to live in a Tiny Home but moving into something much smaller can improve your life in more ways than one.

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A Simple Living Morning Routine Here In Albania

Simple living in albania
Writing in my grateful journal in Saranda, Albania.

Our life in Albania is unreal. Seriously. It amazes me how undiscovered it is to tourism and digital nomads because it is simply magical. We’ve been in our new place for about a week now.

Every morning I sneak out of my room as Novella sleeps and make a cup of coffee. From there, I try and read for 30 minutes to an hour as I slowly sip my delicious coffee. I can usually get in an hour before Novella wakes and starts demanding my attention.

My current read is all about morning routines and I highly recommend it. My morning routine here in Albania is a game changer. You can purchase the book My Morning Routine by clicking here.

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With our new home, Novella is pretty good at entertaining herself because of the abundance of toys. This allows me to write my grateful list and then get in an hour or two of writing before I make breakfast.

Our mornings are slow with my morning routine here in Albania which is so different from how my life used to be of waking up to a blaring alarm and rushing out the door running late to get the girls off to school. This is why I travel.

Now, I wake when my body is ready to wake. Typically, a slither of morning light creeps into my bedroom door from the living room and eases me awake.

We feel no pressure to rush anywhere unless we have an early morning flight, train, or bus to catch. We wake up slowly and ease into the day with intention.

Sometimes, while the morning air is still cool, I switch up my morning routine in Albania and walk over to the market near our new home and get a variety of colorful vegetables and fruit for our morning juice. We do this about 4 times a week.

Morning routine here in Albania
Getting fresh vegetables and fruit from Big Market near our home.

This also includes us stopping at the playground so Novella can get in some play time.

Morning routine in Albania
Novella learning letters while playing at the playground near our home.

I might even grab fresh bread from the bakery before returning home and getting some writing in. Who can pass up the enchanting smell of freshly baked bread?

I Swear By This One Thing

I try not to touch my phone for the first few hours of the day unless I am taking a picture. Every time I fail at this, my whole day is thrown off and I don’t get nearly as much writing done if any as when I don’t touch it. Try it. Don’t touch your phone for the first hour of the day.

After my writing is done, I will post something in my Single Moms Do Travel Mentoring Program and then make breakfast. This is usually scrambled eggs, with fresh chopped mushrooms, potatoes or spinach, and a green juice. Our new Airbnb came with a juicer which is the best thing ever!

This is the simple life I dreamed of for years but had no idea how to make it happen.

I really didn’t have a plan, and I didn’t have many funds. I had a lot of people who were not supportive but I also had a burning desire to change my life and my kids’ lives. That is what you need to live the life of your dreams. You need a burning desire stronger than any doubt and any fear.

Seventeen months ago we set out on an adventure. We had a ton of fun times and a ton of times where I wanted to quit, curl up in a ball, and never leave my bed. This travel lifestyle has pushed us further than anything else but it has all been worth it.

You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

Morning routine here in albania
Part of my morning walk in Tirana, Albania.

If you want to change your life, you can create that change. You choose the life you want so if something is not working, change it. Yes, I know this is easier said than done. I get it but you can do this. Tell the voice in your head to be quiet. You are the only one stopping you.

I know.

Its hard to admit that we are the only ones stopping us from living the life of our dreams but once you are ready to admit that, things will shift. Admit it.

This is coming from the same person who could barely get out of bed two years ago. I was crippled by depression and broken from an abusive marriage. Every task was a challenge from brushing my teeth to taking a shower.

New Me. New Life.

Now, I freaking jump out of bed in the morning! Okay. Let me be honest. I actually slide out of bed as quietly as possible so that I do not wake the sleeping monster (AKA Novella) next to me! But if I didn’t have a toddler, I surely would be jumping out of bed.

I owe this joy to my daily rituals, morning routine here in Albania, and life coach. Every day, I use a set of tools to ensure I keep the depression at bay and my cup overflowing with happiness. Starting October 1st for thirty days, I am sharing with others in a private Facebook group the very tools I use to ensure I live a life of abundance and happiness. You can join my 30 Days To A Happier You Workshop by paying here. I am offering this for only $29 to my blog readers even though it is valued at $200.

Right now, I hear the bustle of the city below as kids play and others enjoy an espresso at the cafes below. There are more cafes than anything else here in Tirana, Albania. I never see anyone eating food but everyone has an espresso. It seems to be a ritual here and it doesn’t matter what time a day it is from morning to evening there will be people at the cafes with an espresso in front of them.

Morning routine in Albania
Oslo bar and care in Tirana, Albania

A Different Way Of Life

Just like in Mexico, people are talking to each other. Very rarely do you see them lost on their phones when someone is sitting next to them. Instead, they are holding deep conversations.

Morning routine here in Albania
Albanian men enjoying espresso while in deep conversation.

Why is this so different in the states? I swear. When you look around in the states everyone is staring down at their phones even while out to dinner. I did this too. I was never in the moment and always distracted.

Now, I try to be fully in each moment. I slowly taste my food and take in all the magical flavors. Conversations are endless and it is easy to pay attention when you do not have a phone distracting you from your loved ones. This is why I travel.

I stare out my glass patio door towards the mountains as I write this post. A feeling of freedom and happiness embraces me as creativity flows down through my fingertips and onto the screen.

I wish everyone could feel like this.


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      They are everywhere and all are so unique! You seriously should. It is such a great base for exploring Europe. This just reminded me that I need to go book tickets to Germany and London!


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