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An Early Morning in Albania

Early Mornings In Albania

It’s 6:00 am right now so the city is still pretty silent. I did hear morning prayers from the Mosque near us and the occasional car passing from the highway below.

We’ve been in our new place for just over a week. It is weird to have an actual home instead of an Airbnb. I haven’t had any regrets about it yet which I guess is a good thing for this full-time traveling soul of mine.

I’ve noticed something.

Life in Albania has allowed me to truly slow things down. I am more intentional with my time.

While fast traveling without a home base it can be challenging to have any type of routines but now that we have slowed things down here, I love having a more routine.

Robin Sharma’s 20/20/20 formula

Today is the first day of the 20/20/20 5 am challenge I decided to try. It’s also the first day I am doing my daily plan of action.

The 20/20/20 5 am formula is basically a morning routine created by Robin Sharma. This rule means that your reserve the first 60 minutes of the day for personal preparation.

He breaks the 60 minutes down into blocks of 20.

The first block of 20 is for intense exercise. Intense exercise makes you sweat. Sweating releases BDNF which is a brain chemical that grows neural connections. Working out also releases dopamine and serotonin which are responsible for making you feel happy.

The next 20-minute block is for goal reflection. Getting crystal clear on your annual and quarterly goals first thing in the morning will help you stay focused throughout the day.

The final 20-minute block is reserved for learning. This could mean reading something, listening to a podcast or whatever you can do to learn something new.

Kick The Morning’s Ass

Since working on my personal development and mindset, I have found out just how important mornings are. Now, you will often hear me saying, “I have the best days when I kick the morning’s ass.” It is the truth.

Even though it is October, it is still warm outside but early in the mornings, it is cold. I love the peace of being up before anyone else including my toddler. This wasn’t easy to do though.

Too Damn Early

My alarm went off at 5 am. I attempted to sneak out of the room and go pee but mid-pee I heard my toddler cry out for me. This meant that instead of jumping into the 20/20/20 formula laid out by Robin Sharma, I had to lay back down in bed and nurse my toddler back to sleep.

Then I slid out of bed as quietly as possible and went to my desk area to get my work out clothes on only to discover that one of my socks was missing. My middle child Mia must have taken one because she asked if I had had any socks the day before. I am not quite sure the whole 20/20/20 formula is for moms.

I gathered my stuff and went into the living room so I could get a quick workout in without shoes on. My initial plan before finding out about the missing sock was to slip out my sliding glass doors in my bedroom and freeze my butt off while working out on the patio with the stunning mountain view.

In the living room, I got to moving. I just moved my body. At one point I did push-ups. At another point, I did high knees. I even jogged in place. I wouldn’t call it intense in the least bit but I was proud of myself for getting my body moving. No sweat happened.

In the next 20 minute block, I journaled. I wrote to myself forgiving myself for anything that I was feeling any type of guilt over like my parenting fail with my daughter Mia from the night before. In addition, I wrote out what I was grateful for and then I wrote a thank you card (letter) to my daughter Mia telling her just how amazing she is. This is one of the exercises in my monthly mindest workshop 30 Days To A Happier You.

30 Days To A Happier You

15 women joined October’s workshop and I have been having so much fun that I’ve’ decided to run it monthly. You can sign up at any point for the following month by paying through this PayPal link here. The normal price is $99 but my blog readers will get a special price of $75! In the workshop, I share daily videos or written prompts of the tools and rituals that helped me go from broke and depressed to happy and living a life of abundance. It is all done in a closed Facebook group. Read more about it by clicking here.

The city is starting to wake now. Luckily, all three girls are sound asleep still. I created a daily action plan to keep me more focused. Not having a plan can lead to a less productive day. I would love to take credit for this but I can’t. I learned this from my business mentor, Monique Alvarez, in the Freedom CEO business school she runs.

It is my first day implementing it and so far it is going pretty damn well for my productivity. Shoot. I even scheduled in my coffee and breakfast. As my stomach growls, I am thinking I need to bump up breakfast. And coffee? I can’t wait for delicious coffee.

Tell me. What time do you wake up every day?







Let me know what you think!

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