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Divorce On A Woman Is Sexy- Trippin’ Momma

Divorce Only Makes You Sexier

Gone are the days of the broken wife shattered by her husband’s infidelities telling herself she should have been a better wife.

Telling herself “maybe then he would have loved her.”

Telling herself “maybe then he would have stayed faithful.”

She has been replaced by one heck of a woman.

In The Beginning

I remember the initial pain of discovery and the utter disbelief. My life had turned into a mix of a Lifetime movie and a Jerry Springer show in an instant. I can almost laugh about it now. I was so naive. I truly believed my husband loved me. In my eyes, before my world shattered, he more than loved me. This man flippin’ adored me!

Love Is Blind

Boy was I wrong. I don’t mean a little wrong. I mean completely and utterly wrong. Ladies, that is not Love! I don’t care what anyone says. Lying and cheating are not simple mistakes. Every time you lie, you make a calculated decision. Every time you cheat on your supposed life partner, you make a calculated decision. You didn’t accidentally fall into another woman’s bed or the back seat of her or “our” car. You jumped right in.

Yoga Pants For Days

But can I blame you? I certainly wasn’t the sexiest wife. I wasn’t the nicest wife either. Yes, I did my best at the time but there are so many things I could have done better. Guess what though? None of that changes the simple fact that you do not betray the ones you love. If your wife is not making you happy, divorce her a**. What is the point of cheating? Are we in high school where we are just learning the rules of relationships?

Watch Out Now

I must thank you though because divorce on a woman is sexy. As the emotional scars begin to heal, she radiates with confidence. Each time she accomplishes something new on her own with no help from you, she becomes even more desirable. She is unstoppable in more ways than one and it would take an act from God himself to stop her now.

Let me know what you think!

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