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The Downside of Full-Time Traveling- Trippin’ Momma

Full-time traveling is a dream for a lot of people. However, rarely do you ever hear anyone talk about the downside of full-time traveling. It is no secret that my daughters and I have had our own struggles with this which is why we decided to sign a lease in Mexico. That was short lived and we are back to full-time traveling but here is my take on the downside of full-time traveling.


Full-time traveling is amazing but there are so many times when we miss the feeling of coming home to our own beds. You know that feeling you get when you return home from a vacation and you crawl into your own bed? It is such an amazing feeling. We miss that.


Full-time traveling can be lonely. The past year and a half have been spent navigating through emotions. I still wear the invisible scars of the abuse I endured during my marriage. My mind is still trying to work through those details and all of us are still healing. I struggle at times to connect with others and I know that a lot of that has to do with the alienation I experienced during my marriage.Now, I struggle with every single word I speak during a conversation.

Did I say the wrong thing?
Was I cheery enough?
Did they like me?

Single parenting, in general, can be lonely so when you add in a full-time traveling lifestyle things can be tricky. I created the Facebook group Single Moms Do Travel to help foster a community around traveling single moms. I think I fell in love with our current city of Guanajuato because of the friends we made day 1 here. It was a nice change. I now know that we need to slow it down during our travels and reach out and connect with others. I have to constantly push past my scars to realize there are a lot of good people out there and to not let my past experiences with abuse hold me back from beautiful friendships.

Uh Oh! Money

Full-time traveling CAN be freaking expensive. However, it is cheaper for me to travel than it is for me to stay in my amazing hometown of Austin, TX. I love that dang city but it is not the best city for a single mom budget. We learned that our expenses added up pretty quickly when we were fast traveling switching places every week. It was harder for me to get discounts on Airbnb when we were not staying at least a month in a place. Plus, you have to add in the cost of transportation when you are switching places that frequently.

Momma Is Tired

Full-time traveling can be exhausting. AS exciting as exploring new destinations can be. It can also be absolutely exhausting. I’m talkin’ total burn out for us. There has been more than enough times where we just stayed in our Airbnb or hotel all day because the thought of venturing out was too much. Slow-traveling has really helped with this as well. We get to take days off where we do absolutely nothing. Seriously, I don’t even put pants and a bra on and that is OKAY!



6 thoughts on “The Downside of Full-Time Traveling- Trippin’ Momma

  1. Eryn says:

    I love this! Living/traveling in paradise is great but life is still life. And not having your home base support system can be tough. A lot of people forget that traveling/moving abroad isn’t the key to making your life perfect. It can certainly offer a new kind of happiness but that doesn’t mean it’s rainbows & butterflies 24/7! You put it all perfectly❤️

  2. CSunshine says:

    Yes, we were just in Vietnam and we just slowed down. Explored where we were and just stayed put more than we usually do. It was good. I actually felt relaxed once we got back home, instead of like I needed a vacation from my vacation.

    1. Trippin' Momma says:

      Slowing down is absolutely necessary sometimes! It is so good to get home and feel rested instead of burnt out. I am glad you enjoyed your trip!

  3. CSunshine says:

    Also, are you working remotely? You mentioned money, just wondering about the how.


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