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Emergency Room Fun- Trippin’ Momma

What’s the best way to end a super fun long day with the girls and my bonus daughter? Rushing to the emergency room of course! The toddler decided to scare the living hell out of me when out of nowhere she started curling up her legs crying in pain. I had never seen her do that before. Not even a boob could comfort her and that’s when I knew something was seriously wrong.

After 10 minutes of trying just about everything, I told the girls to grab their shoes and get in the car. I hated strapping her in her car seat because she was in so much pain, and I just wanted to comfort her. Unfortunately, it is just me now. No one else can drive while I attempt to keep the baby calm. Last night was one of those nights when being a single parent hit me hard. I had no support and I needed to stay strong even though I was flippin’ out inside.

It’s about a 20-minute drive to the emergency room and 15 minutes in the baby stopped crying and started laughing. What the heck? I was relieved that she seemed fine but it just didn’t make sense to me. I was about to be one of those women who brings her child into the emergency room for absolutely no reason.

We walked inside and the baby continued laughing away. The nurse asked who the patient was. I pointed to the little-possessed thing running around the emergency room like it was Disney World.

“What are her symptoms?” super cute Nurse asked.

“Ummm… She was crying in a lot of pain 30 minutes ago but now I am thinking it might have just been gas.”

“Okay… fill out these papers and have a seat. They will call you back soon.”

He didn’t even seem phased by my rambunctious little toddler laughing with joy running around the disease-ridden room. To make matters even funnier, the baby only had a shirt and diaper on. In all the panic, I forgot to grab her pants. Luckily, I remembered to grab mine!

All the joy in the world couldn’t have prepared the little one for getting her temperature taken. She has been spoiled with the thermometer that reads her fever from her forehead. Apparently, this hospital didn’t get the memo and went old school on my little one with a thermometer right up her heinie.

Needless to say, the toddler was over it at that point and lost all trust in the nursing staff. She was looking over her shoulder nonstop in fear of what they would do next. Eventually, we were lead back to our own little room.

The big girls were excited there was a TV. We were told the doctor would be in shortly. An hour and a freaking half later she shows up. By that time, the baby is passed out, I am barely awake, and the big girls are irritated. I tell the doctor that I think it was just gas. She said that might be it but she wanted to do x-rays to try and rule out some disorder that her symptoms mimicked. I can’t for the life of me remember the name.

I followed the x-ray tech to dark cold room with the table towards the back. Of course, they wanted to put the baby in the most awkward position ever to get a good shot so she woke up terrified and screaming. After that shot, I then had to hold her down again in another super uncomfortable position. I felt like a horrible mother. What was I thinking dragging the baby to the emergency room? We should have been at home in bed.

Afterwards, I took her back to our little room and waited a total of 30 minutes before a nurse came in and cleared us to go home at nearly one in the morning.

Needless to say, we all had a super lazy next day.

Let me know what you think!

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