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How Moving Abroad Can Make You Wealthy

I have never felt more wealthy than when I was traveling the world or living abroad as a single mom in both Albania and Mexico. This is not based on a number in my bank account though. In this blog post, I am going to explain to you how moving abroad can make you wealthy.

Living abroad can give you a much slower lifestyle which will allow you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like, slow mornings without an alarm (unless you have a toddler like me who will wake you up as abruptly as an alarm), a hot cup of coffee that you don’t drink while sitting in traffic on your way to a job you hate, and endless sunshine if you live in a place like Merida, Mexico like I do.

You don’t need a lot of money to feel wealthy. You can drop the struggle by moving abroad or at least lessen it significantly.

Here are just some of the benefits of living abroad I have experienced as well as many of the single mommas in my Inner Circle who are living abroad.

Abundance of friendships

Who would have thought that it would just take me moving to another country to get over my social anxiety and make an abundance of soul level friendships. Okay. Let me be clear. I made a few amazing friends during our travels and living in Albania but it was not until I moved to Merida that I truly found my tribe. I say it all the time, there is something super special about this magical city in the Yucatan. It attracts the best people.

life in merida mexico
Our amazing communtiy in Merida, Mexico

The community here is unlike any other I have been a part of. If you are looking for a black expat community, it is here. If you are looking for a single mom community, it is here. If you are looking for a diverse digital nomad community, it is here. (link YouTube vidoes here)

There is a community for everyone here.

Lower Cost Of Living

Living abroad can lower your living costs drastically. Now, this all depends on where you move abroad to and where your home country is but I choose places where the cost of living is a lot less than it is in the US. By choosing a country with a lower cost of living, there is more ease in my budget which allows me to give more time to my passions, friends, self, and children instead of being somewhere where I need to hustle to survive.

Definitely choose your country wisely. You shouldn’t choose a place based solely on cost of living but doing your research in this area could help you choose a place that works for your budget.

People think travel and living abroad is only for the rich but that is not true. There are many ways to finance your travel and living abroad lifestyle.

I have lived abroad in the last 4 years in both Albania and Mexico. My life in Merida, Mexico affords me things like a full-time nanny for $250 a month, house keeper, personal chef, a three bedroom home with a pool, a personal trainer, personal assistant, and so much more.

Trying to pull any of these things off in my hometown of Austin, TX would be super tough for me right now.

The lower cost of living will help you feel wealthy even if in your home country you are considered as having a low income.

Let’s just say that on a recent trip to the states I was shocked to find out it would cost $67 to take my family to the fancy movie theater with the recliner chairs when in Mexico I pay $12 for this same experience.

More Time

Moving abroad can give you more time in your day to explore your interests, do the things you love. It gives you the space you need to truly figure out what you want in life because it slows time down.

Moving to Mexico lead me to so much clarity in my own life and business. It is crazy to think that 5 years ago travel and living abroad were not even on my radar.

Running my own business, designing my life by design, creating a movement, and actually enjoying life were not on my radar and now I can’t imagine life without those things.

The simple life in Mexico helped me truly slow down so I could get to know myself better. It silenced the noise of US society and allowed me to dive deep into my own interests and passions.

Imagine a life where you weren’t rushing.

Imagine a life where you had the space to explore to explore your interests.

Imagine a life where you weren’t being pressured to be anyone but who you are.

Having more time is wealth.

People ask me all the time if I am rich or they assume it based on our travels. My response is always I am abundant and wealthy.

No, the number in my bank account would not be considered rich for many people.

However, I am wealthy beyond measure because I have an abundance of love in my life, freedom, joy, and laughter.

You get to define what wealth and being wealthy means to you. For some people it is a certain number in a bank account. For some people wealth is calculated by their material possessions. For others wealth is found in the little things that are often overlooked like laughter, love, joy, and inner peace.

I am going to challenge you today to define wealth for yourself.

Journal on what what a wealthy woman looks like. Do you fit the description you described? If not, why? 

Remember, you get to define being wealthy in any way you want so if your current description of wealth is not feel quite right, then change it.

Thank you for reading! I would love to hear from you with what you discovered while journaling about what a wealthy woman looks like. Leave me a comment with what came up for you during the exercise.

3 thoughts on “How Moving Abroad Can Make You Wealthy

  1. Sharon E says:

    I assume if I had the time to journal, I would concur with you on what true wealth meant to me. Alas, I am a struggling single mom of two, stuck in the USA for the time being. Still thanking God and you for the time and the algorithm that first brought your inspiring story my way!

  2. R.K.E says:

    Great post! Lots of takeaways! I think being wealthy (for me) is about having a richness in life- spending time with people you love and experiences/learning/growth. As long as I have enough money to help that happen that is good with me:) I do think the kind of “wealthy” I would want to be is fulfilled but also able to give time/money to the issues I believe in.

  3. Anna-Marie says:

    This is a great exercise because wealth means something different to everyone. It depends on what you value in life. Many people value money and so that is what determines wealth for them. Many people value success and achievement so wealth could be determined by those circumstances. Some value relationships above all so wealth could be determined by the quality of friendships and strength of family. Some value experiences so wealth is determined by the adventures they have, the places they go, the risks they take, what they learn. You get the point…. For me, wealth is a composite of these things. I do see and appreciate the value in money after being financially insecure for so long. I am blessed with amazing friends and family, my daughter tops among them. My confidence is growing through my achievements (I’ll graduate with my bachelor’s in December at 46 yrs old!). I have some positive and negative experiences in my life and I value ALL of them because they have shaped who I am today. Reflecting like this has helped me see that I already AM wealthy in many ways. I still have work to do to make my dream life a reality, to realize the complete image of a wealthy life that I hold in my heart. This includes financial security so that I know I can support me and my daughter and still be able to save for her college and my future (hello retirement one day!). It also includes accomplishing my goals, expanding my circle of friends and family, and experiencing the world with my daughter. Thank you for prompting me to reflect on this!


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