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Hurricane Harvey And Memories- Trippin” Momma

F**k You Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of our home state Texas. Lives were lost.

I remember our first big adventure after our lives seemingly fell apart due to a failed marriage. We were all struggling with our new life, our new home, and the girls’ new schools. In a matter of weeks, they had lost a brother and sister, their father, their home, and their school. With so many changes happening, we needed a distraction. We needed to get away from our not-so-great reality.

I hopped on the Airbnb app and booked us a place in Port Aransas, TX. In all my years of living in Texas, I had never been to a Texas beach. Crazy right? That was about to change.

I didn’t know what to expect but the girls and I were excited about this much-needed adventure.This was our first road trip with the baby. At the time she was only eight months old.

We packed up the car and headed out. The drive went a lot smoother than expected. The baby did scream her head off a few times but at least we didn’t run out of gas or get a flat tire. I somehow managed to not have one of my flip-out moments.

Have You Been On A Ferry?

When we arrived at the ferry, there was a mix of anxiety and excitement coming from the girls. This was our first ferry ride. It turned out to be a ton of fun and one of our favorite things to do while visiting the island. The baby, however, absolutely hated it. She was asleep when we got to the ferry but as soon as we drove on it, she woke up screaming. Luckily, the ferry ride is super short and the drive to our place after was less than 5 minutes. It was already dark.

We drove up to camp we would be staying at and it was absolutely stunning. Well lit, the camp was perfectly manicured with brand new yurts. There was a nice pool although I figured we wouldn’t get much use of it since it was cold as hell.

The caretaker greeted us and showed us to our yurt. Inside, we were pleasantly surprised to see two queen-sized beds and an air conditioner. It was a lot nicer than expected. The beds ended up being one of the most comfortable beds I’d ever slept in.

The first night was rather interesting. It was Valentine’s weekend. A super drunk couple was arguing near our yurt. which provided the night’s entertainment. The man asked me if I would like to join him for a beer after I put the kids to bed. I laughed and said no thank you. AWKWARD!

The next morning we set out to explore the town.

Even though it wasn’t the fanciest of beach towns, it had a ton of charm.

I don’t know how the small town of Port Aransas looks now that Hurricane Harvey made its way through. I wonder if the ferry the girls and I loved so much is still operational. Did the quaint old homes withstand the wind and subsequent flooding? I pray there is minimal damage but from the news, it does not look good.

Camp Coyoacan, where we stayed,  was new and there was so much thought and creative energy put into its design. As well built as all the Yurts were, I have little hope that they are still standing. The perfectly positioned queen sized beds, the small wooden desk, all most likely gone. The perfectly manicured grass and carefully designed paths were probably washed away to nonrecognition.


While there, we stumbled upon an ice cream shop. The quirky decor intrigued us and the creamy ice cream filled our bellies. I wonder now how businesses like the ice cream shop will manage if they are still standing. Surely, the amount of tourist willing to visit will decrease greatly.

Writer’s Block So To Speak

I have struggled to write about this because as Harvey came and destroyed, Irma is now threatening more places we created memories in. As far as Harvey goes, we were supposed to be there. We were supposed to be in Houston where so many lost their homes and lives.

Before I came up with the crazy idea of a cross-country road trip to Canada, I almost booked a place in Houston to finish off the month of August after our tiny home adventure nightmare. We would have been there. You see. I originally wanted to stay near Austin so I could finalize my divorce but I decided I was done waiting to travel. It was time to hit the road and that is exactly what we did. We took off from our home base state of Texas.

I find myself feeling guilty for some reason. Depression has been creeping on me as I think about all the lives that have been changed. My anxiety tries to overtake me as I think about what could have happened if the girls and I did get a place in Houston. It is challenging to process all these emotions but I am thankful for this life I am creating.

Question Time

Do you have a special vacation place that was damaged by the hurricanes? Comment below with your story.

Let me know what you think!

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