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Inspiring Quotes For Single Moms

As a single mom, I am always looking for inspiring quotes for single moms. It wasn’t easy becoming a single mom two years ago, but it has turned out to be the greatest adventure of my life. Actually, life couldn’t be better.

In the past two years, my daughters and I managed to get rid of most of our material possessions and travel all over this big beautiful world. So far we have traveled across the U.S. on a two-month road trip, lived in Canada for two months, spent a month in Puerto Rico, three and a half months in Mexico, before heading to Northern Ireland, then Italy, and then Albania for five months. Even after all that, we decided to head back to the first country we fell in love with, Mexico, to set up a home base.

Even though the quotes below are not specific to single moms, they were written by me, a single mom, which means they all come from the heart of a single mom who believes that we can create our dream lives. We may be single moms but nothing will hold us back from accomplishing everything we want to accomplish in life. Here are some inspiring quotes for single moms.

Inspiring Quotes For Single Moms

1.” Her heart is made of gold. When she feels things, she feels them with every fiber of her being. When she loves, she loves with every inch of her soul. She ran through darkness to be born again in the light. Love her but don’t interfere with her greatness.”

Inspiration quotes for single moms

2.”The truth is that I have less money and material items than ever before yet I am the richest I have ever been. It is all about perspective!”

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3. “Your worth is not determined by anyone else. You solely determine your own worth so shoot for the stars beautiful queen because you are so damn worthy!”

4. “You get to choose how you allow people to treat you so think about that the next time you let someone back in your life who has treated you like anything less than amazing!  Know your self worth.”

5. “For years I waited for someone to choose me and then choose me every day. Until one day I stopped waiting and chose myself over and over again.”


inspirational quotes for single moms

6. “Stop focusing on the things you don’t want in your life and instead focus on the things you do want. Let that negativity go and live your life today as if you already have everything you’ve always wanted and then watch the magic start to happen.”

inspirational quotes for single moms


7. “She is the type of woman who doesn’t need you. If you are in her life, it is because she wants you there. “

inspirational quotes for single moms

8. ” I want to travel the world, love deeply, laugh uncontrollably, drink coffee, write about it all, and embrace the unknown.”

inspirational quotes for single moms

Inspiring quotes have this way of motivating us to take massive actions. When I am writing a quote, I am thinking about what I need to hear at that time.

If I need to hear it, then surely another single mom could benefit from hearing it as well. I will continue adding inspiring quotes for single moms to this blog post as I write them.

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