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Is Mexico Safe For Single Moms?- Trippin’ Momma

Is Mexico Safe For Single Moms

Before coming to Mexico, I heard all the things you’ve probably heard. It is unsafe, the cartels will kidnap and murder you, you will be mugged, and don’t drink the water (for the most part that is true). That was a big reason why I decided to fly last minute instead of driving my vehicle. I felt unsafe in my vehicle. It is a big fancy car that stands out. I warned the girls ahead of time about having their phones out and about hiding their possessions. We were supposed to travel to Mexico as our first adventure a year ago but chickened out. That begs the question. Is Mexico safe for single moms?


Our first day out in Mexico was a shocker. Not once did I feel unsafe. If anything, I felt the exact opposite. I felt super safe. Safer than I feel in some parts of the United States. I am happy I did not bring my car, but that is more because there is no way my vehicle would make it on these roads without getting beat up and without giving me more than my fair share of anxiety attacks.

Be smart

I think in any place you need to be aware of your surroundings. If you wouldn’t do it in your home country why would you do it in another?

We utilize taxis and Uber to get home at night most of the time.

We try not to be flashy.

We stay where it is crowded which is everywhere here. Seriously, there are always people around. It is the best thing ever. And…

We are kind.

Seriously, don’t be a dick.  Too often do tourists come to a new place and act superior. YOU ARE NOT SUPERIOR! Humble yourself or don’t come at all.

Travel Warnings

I do know there are parts of Mexico that have travel warnings due to organized crime. That is real to a certain extent. Bad stuff does happen here. But once again, you have to take a hard look at your own country first before passing judgment and saying you will never visit a country because the whole country is unsafe. In that case, you might as well not even leave your front door.

I live alone here with my 3 daughters. I sleep with my screen door open at times, and I am not worried about being murdered. There are two other American single mommas here too that live on their own with their children. Neither of them has had any issues.

Guanajuato, Mexico

I am thankful that we chose Guanajuato, Mexico as the first city we visited in Mexico and as our home base because I think it gives a clear view of true Mexico. People here are so kind and genuine. It is refreshing. Kids play outside, dogs roam freely here unleashed, and most people are talking to each other.

TALKING TO EACH OTHER?! That was one of the biggest shockers here. People are not staring down at their phones. They are holding conversations, laughing, and listening to all the music that is at every corner. So yes! Don’t have your phones out. Not because that will make you a target but because when visiting a new place live like a local. Put that phone down and get to know someone, truly take in your surroundings and breathe.

Question Time

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Have you been avoiding a place because you heard it was unsafe? Have you gone to a place that you were told was unsafe but you found otherwise? Leave your answers in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Is Mexico Safe For Single Moms?- Trippin’ Momma

  1. CSunshine says:

    This is great to see! I am having a love affair with Mexico, right now. I went for the first time in 2015. I couldn’t believe I had waited so long but the main images were that it is crime-ridden (more than anywhere else? ) and party central (I’m not interested in that).
    But Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum knocked my socks off! Then CDMX rocked my world on a solo-trip in November. Thinking of coming down again, for my next bday.

  2. Trippin' Momma says:

    I totally agree! I was so scared to come and then I got here and fell completely in love. We are loving Playa Del Carmen right now! I hope you do decided to come down for your birthday.

  3. Eboney says:

    Thank you for sharing! I told myself in my younger years that I wanted to raise my children outside of the U.S. The possibility of that happening has only recently re-entered my mind (2 kids later, post divorce). Is there a way that we can possibly connect?


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