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My Number One Tool For Manifesting Everything I desire

There are tons of manifesting tools out there. There are vision boards, visualization, affirmations, journaling, and so much more. The tools are endless so try them all and choose the ones that resonate the most with you.

My life has radically changed over the last 4 years and I can attribute that to many things but there is definitely a manifesting tool that I used repeatedly to create a life that I absolutely love most of the time when my toddler is not driving me absolutely insane. lol

I have always been a huge journaler even when I was young  but it wasn’t until I started actually scripting that things started to change for the better in my life at an expedited speed.

Scripting is a form of role playing. It is when you write as if your desires have already happened or you write a future event in the present moment. Your subconscious does not know the difference between reality and the imaginary so you can utilize your subconscious to bring the imaginary into your physical reality.

I have been dreaming about going to Paris for a while now.

Here is an example script of my Paris manifestation:

I had the most beautiful day this summer. I woke up slowly to the early morning light wrapped in my floral cover in my tiny apartment in Paris, France.

Novie was snuggled up besides me. The teens slept in late again and I enjoyed a hot steamy cup of tea on the balcony looking at all people and cars below.

Watching people and envisioning what their lives are like is always something I enjoy. Eventually, Novie woke up and asked for food and milk. She played with her toys for a while while I was able to continue enjoying my tea and reading The Art Of Non Conformity by Chris Guillbeau. 

In the afternoon, after the girls woke up, I snuck away to meet up with my new friends including my absolute favorite YouTuber, Damon Dominque.

I couldn’t believe he actually responded to my message and agreed to meet up with me the other day. We hit it off. He is just as funny in person as he is in real life. There is no difference. He introduced me to his friends which then became my friends. I am the only one with kids as per usual but they love me anyways.

We go to the cutest cafe ever and have drinks and the most delicious sandwich. I laugh endlessly. We talk about business, life, dreams, and visions. We talk about the days before the pandemic.

There were a few moments where I stopped and thought about how much my life has transformed. Just five years prior I was in miserable marriage and saw no way out. I was struggling to keep up with bills and life just plain ol’ sucked. Fast forward and I had traveled the world with my daughters, lived abroad, started my own online business doing work I loved, made soul level friendships all around the world, and found joy. 

I didn’t want to say goodbye to my new friends but I missed the girls so I went back to our apartment climbed all the steps to the 10 floor again since there is no elevator in our super old building and made everyone get dressed. They were all still in their pajamas playing on their various devices. 

They complained a bit at my suggestion to leave  the house but they always do and then typically once we get out they have a good time. We decided to spend the rest of the day playing tourist in Paris.

After eating a delicious dinner at our new favorite restaurant we got tickets to the Eifel Tower and were blown away by how beautiful the view was at night. 

Novie was so excited to see all the lights and even the teens were pleased with the adventure. Exhausted from the day we managed to climb all the steps to our apartment again and brush our teeth before passing out for the evening.

Now, none of this has actually happened yet but you see how I wrote it as if it did? I didn’t just write it as if it did, I felt it as I wrote it? I smelled the tea. I tasted the hot tea as it slowly went down my throat. I felt the air across my skin as I sat on that balcony looking below at the people. I heard the cars honking below.

In order for the scripting to actually work you have to capture the feeling of what you are scripting.

Here are some of the benefits of scripting:

1.Scripting allows you to let your imagination run wild while getting super clear on your desires.

2. Scripting helps you capture the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of your desire.

3. Scripting allows you to activate your subconscious mind.

Here are some tips for a powerful script:

1.Write in the present or past tense.

2. Come from a place of gratitude throughout your script. Gratitude is an abundant attitude! Focus on the feeling of gratitude while writing your script.

3. Get super clear on all your senses throughout the script. How do you feel? What do you see? What do you taste? What do you hear?

4. Only write what you actually believe is possible for you. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is writing things that they don’t actually believe is possible for them. Stretch yourself, yes, but don’t try and script something that you have no belief in actually being able to manifest.

If you can’t truly see it as a possibility for you. chances are low that it will come to fruition anyways which will just leave you feel disappointed.

5. Start small but not so small that it is not exciting. Your script should excite you. Let’s say you are currently making 5k a month in your online business but you are ready to make more. Scripting that you are making $5500 might not excite you but scripting that you are making $7000 might excite you and challenge you just enough.

6. Have a dedicated scripting journal so you can go back easily and review your scripts. I love looking back and seeing all the things I brought to life through scripting.

7. Be careful that what you script is actually what you want. Keep reading to find out why.

Warning story:

While we were living in Albania, I came across a penthouse I saw online and fell in love with before even seeing it in person. I got started right away with scripting out me living in that penthouse with my girls. I was obsessed and wrote script after script of us living in that penthouse. I envisioned sitting by the fire place reading books. I envisioned us looking at the floor to ceiling windows.

My realtor called me and said unfortunately the apartment I wanted was not available because of some issue with the previous tenant not paying the utilities for over a year so the government was not letting the owner rent the apartment out until the utilities were paid.

I was crushed. I couldn’t understand how that apartment wasn’t mine. It felt like mine.

Feeling confused and defeated, I agreed to go look at another place that I really had no desire to go look at. As we were walking to the place, I turned to my realtor and said, “I can’t believe that penthouse isn’t available. I really wanted that place.”

“Which place are you talking about?” she said.

“The penthouse with the wood burning fire place and all the windows.”

“That place is available. I thought you were talking about the apartment near the mountains when I spoke to you earlier. That is the one that is not available.”

“What? It is available?”

“Yes, we can go look at it right now if you want.”

“Yes, please!”

I ended up getting the penthouse that day after seeing it and paying the owners on the spot. Everything was great for about two days when I started feeling sick. My girls started getting sick as well and kept getting worse and worse. The apartment was freezing with its super thin walls and the heaters didn’t work really well.

Not only did the heaters not work well but when I turned them on, I would start coughing. This apartment I desired so much was making me sick. When I would find the strength to leave the apartment, I would feel a little better.

We lasted a month before I booked a last minute flight out of Albania and went back to the US before moving over to warmer weather in Mexico. I started feeling better as soon as we got out of the apartment.

This is why I am much more careful when scripting now. I am specific with feelings but I try not to fixate too much on the exact details of the thing that I think I desire.

You can be as specific as you want and many people find being specific gives them the best results. I definitely fluctuate between being super specific and focusing mainly on the feelings I am wanting to feel with manifesting what it is that I desire.

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