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My Three Daughters In Merida: Life After House Hunters International

House Hunters International

Did you find us because of our episode on House Hunters International? I can’t believe we got to document our journey of moving Merida, Mexico after traveling the world for 2 and a half years. We got so much love and support after our episode and it was truly appreciated.

Although we did ultimately decided to close the doors to the Single Moms DO Travel House, which was the 8-bedroom home with character we chose in the show, we are still in Merida. Only, this time in a modern home with a pool.

Yep! My teens did get their choice after all!

We’ve been living in Merida, Mexico for 10 months now and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. Seriously, this nomad soul has finally settled which is an absolute miracle. I thought it would never happen but after over two years of full-time travel, I am so grateful to have my own bed to sleep in and my own coffee mug to drink out of.

We traded in our backpacks for closets with drawers.


I lied.

Our backpacks are still here but they are tucked away in the closet until a random adventure like our three week trip to Guatemala pops up.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Novie and I at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

We’ve really connected with the community here. My big girls are enjoying their new school and my toddler is enjoying her daycare. One of my girls is enjoying going to a private school, Alaya is back to being unschooled, and Novie decided to quit daycare recently after a month so she is enjoying spending extra time with her momma and sisters.

I’ve been enjoying being an absolute hermit in the new house. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love the community here. Currently, there are 12 single mom families and a bajillion other members of our wider community that we spend time with often.

life in merida mexico
Our amazing community in Merida, Mexico

There seems to be an invite to somewhere with someone every day of the week but I have been practicing saying NO.

This is not easy for me. 2019 was all about the YES. 2020 I am learning how to say NO and to check in with how I am feeling often.

Saying YES to a life well lived doesn’t mean saying YES to every invite or opportunity that comes up. Instead, it means checking in with yourself often and saying YES to things that feel right and saying hell no to things that are going to leave you feeling burnt out and out of sync with your life path.

I was supposed to go out the other night actually. It sounded like such a fun event, getting drinks with the ladies and celebrating Galentines at Chica Bar on the beautiful Paseo De Montejo but I still chose to stay home.

Firstly, I am still adjusting to having my own home that I can walk around in without having to think about putting pants and a bra on. Hallelujah!

Secondly, I am burnt out because my sweet, kind, loving toddler has been taken over by an alien who kicks, screams, runs off, bites, and loves to say NO. (Actually, since I decided to let Novie quit daycare she has been back to her normal self. Thank goodness!)

Lastly, I am pretty darn busy due to the launch of my Inner Circle Member’s Club! The mommas have been enjoying getting to know each other and the site the members club is hosted on. We have already had three Zoom calls. It is always fun to see these amazing mommas’ faces. We currently have over 100 members in the Inner Circle and I am calling in 50 more women that are ready for more love, more travel, more freedom, more money, and more joy to join us before I close the doors for a while.

I definitely discovered these past few weeks that trying to run a business while moving houses is not easy.

Not easy at all but luckily we are now settling in and adjusting to being in a home with hot water and minimal repairs. Let’s just say all our showers seem to be much longer now.

Life is good.

What’s Next?

I have a strong suspicion that there are some trips for us in 2020. I am trying to balance my girls’ desire to be home more and my desire to be both home and to travel.

There is definitely a balance to it all. Also, traveling while having a base has its own challenges. The beauty of traveling full-time was that the money used for rent could be used towards accommodations since there was no mortgage or rent to pay.

Now, I have rent and bills so traveling has become a little more challenging. But it is still a priority so I make sure to put money aside every month so we can take trips.

I am looking forward to sharing the rest of our 2020 with you all.





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