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When A News Crew Shows Up At Your Door- Trippin’ Momma

Did I Remember To Put Pants On?

When a news crew shows up at your door, you make sure you are wearing a bra and pants. Well, at least make sure you are wearing pants. That’s precisely what happened to me last week. A woman knocked on my door and stated that she was with I KXAN News and that she heard tiny homeowners were being forced off the land. What the heck? I had literally just moved in the day before and now I was being told this crap. I kindly sent the crew over to the owner’s tiny home right next to mine.

Later that day, I found a news article talking about how the community was being dissolved due to “zoning violations” and all the tiny homes were being forced off the land.

Basically, I booked an illegal tiny home off of Airbnb. Lovely.

I actually started getting suspicious prior to the news crew showing up on my doorstep. When I went to check on my reservation the week prior to moving in, I noticed that the tiny home I booked was no longer listed but my reservation was still there. I contemplated writing the owner but decided everything would be fine.

When we drove up to the home, we quickly noticed that things did not look right. There were about five houses not over twenty like we had imagined. Only three were actual tiny homes, the rest were the back of semi trucks and things like that. It looked like a zombie apocalypse. Not at all like a thriving tiny home community.

About an hour after we checked in, the owner came to our doorstep and introduced herself. She also mentioned that the community was dissolving and that the tiny home we rented would need to be moved 20 minutes away to a new location. Wait. What? She seemed super nervous and stated that I could cancel or shorten our reservation.

When she left, the girls and I talked about possibly going on to our next destination early and shortening the tiny home reservation.

As the day went on, our tiny home got hotter, and it seemed unbearable. It wasn’t at all how I imagined or how it was advertised. I wrote the owner and told her we would be leaving in the morning because the heat was unimaginable. She agreed. The girls and I decided to leave the house for the day and go do something in air conditioning. We ended going to eat and cooling down with the nice car A.C., and then we went to the park in our old neighborhood because a breeze has blown in with the evening.

When we finally got back to the tiny home later that night fed and cooled down, we noticed how nice it felt inside now that the sun was gone. We went up the stairs to the loft part so we could look through the skylight at the night sky. It was beautiful. Actually, it was simply magical. The girls played scrabble and I read my book while drinking hot tea after putting the baby to bed of course.

I looked at how happy the girls were and asked them what they thought of the tiny home now that it had cooled down. They said they loved it, and I agreed so I wrote the owner and told her we would play it by ear and stick around for as long as possible. I told her we would venture out to some air conditioning activities during the day to stay cool in the hot Texas heat.

Unfortunately, the magic of the place quickly wore off with the Texas heat and super suspicious activity. There is a strange road on the property that the owner blocks it with her car often. At night, I see cars head down it. I can’t for the life of me figure out what is back there and I am not stupid enough to go and snoop. This is Texas. I don’t want to be shot.

Yesterday, a man knocked on my door. He was a realtor and with all the rain, his truck got stuck in the mud. The tiny home neighbor next to me came over and was super pissed. He thought the guy was a friend of mine. When I told him he wasn’t,  he walked straight up to the guy and made it clear that the guy should have used the road. It was super awkward.

Luckily, with the rude neighbor’s help, we were able to use my FJ Cruiser to get the realtor unstuck. It was an interesting start to the day.

The tight quarters are definitely getting the best of us. The girls and I have been bickering a lot more. The “I’m bored” statements have been spoken a lot more as well. I can’t blame them. Between the heat,  the lack of Wi-Fi, and all the sketchiness,  I hate it too.

The girls are used to being able to just go play outside, research things online, and generally be free. Unfortunately, this place strips those freedoms away. We are pretty much cooped up in this tiny home.

I try and drive the 30 minutes into town every day so we can get into some air conditioning with the rest of civilization but it is starting to get expensive. I don’t have the most gas friendly vehicle. We have been eating out more than usual as well and paying more for activities than we normally would.

As thankful as I am for getting the chance to try out tiny home living, I am ready to go. We have been stationary pretty much for two months and it is time to hit the road again so I booked a place in New Mexico. By this time next week, we will be saying goodbye to this tiny little hell on wheels.

Let me know what you think!

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