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Our First Week Living In Merida, Mexico

Living in Merida

Living In Merida, Mexico

On April 2nd, 2019 we stepped off the plane in Merida, Mexico. Instantly, the heat greeted us. Merida, Mexico is known to be the hottest city in Mexico so it was no surprise.

Living in Merida

We arrived with three backpacks, one small suitcase, one large suitcase, and a car seat. My emotions were all over the place.

I was excited to have moved to a new city that we had fallen in love with less than two weeks before but I was also sad because we left a home we loved behind for something unknown.

Temporary living can be quite an adjustment. Finding monthly rentals in Mexico can be a long and super frustrating process which is why I wasn’t fully looking forward to our move to Merida.

I had booked a brand new Airbnb listing. This was causing anxiety because with no reviews, I had no idea what I was getting into. I have done this before. Actually, you can read about our Airbnb Mexico Nightmare experience when we booked a place with no reviews before by clicking here.

After two years of travel, we have had some very interesting Airbnb experiences.

Remember That One Time

There was the time we booked a tiny home. It was absolutely beautiful with floor to ceiling windows around the entire home but it was also parked in the middle of nowhere with no tree coverage and we booked it in the middle of the Texas summer. Bad idea!

living abroad as a single mom
Our tiny home Airbnb in Austin, TX

Basically, it turned into an inferno box. At night it will cool down enough for us to enjoy it. The ceiling above my bed had a window box so I could look at the stars as I drifted off to sleep.

living abroad as a single mom
I enjoyed laying in bed staring out this window at the stars.

In the daytime, however, it seemed unbearable. I should add that this was the very beginning of our journey when our privilege was still in full control.

living abroad as a single mom
Our tiny home kitchen

At the time, I don’t think my girls had quite caught on to the idea of not being in a house with air conditioning and wifi just yet.

Now, there have been plenty of times where we have been without wifi or air conditioning but luckily in much milder climates.

living abroad as a single mom
Our tiny home stairs

Sorry! I got off track there. Let’s get back to talking about Daily Life In Mexico!

Transition Services In Mexico

Our friend, Barbara Blanco, from Lifestyle Services Yucatan picked us up from the airport. Barbara provides transitional services for people moving to Merida. She can help with just about everything and if she can’t help personally then she will find someone to help you.

I am currently using her to help me find long term rentals in Merida. Finding long term rentals in Merida can be very challenging if you do not speak Spanish.

I had a very challenging time searching for monthly rentals in Mexico when I was in Guanajuato City because I didn’t have a transition specialist like Barbara.

As soon as you speak English the prices tend to rise with long term rentals in Merida and monthly rentals in Mexico in general. It is the nature of the game and you might find yourself super frustrated if you do not have a transition specialist by your side.

Some people use realtors. I have done that in the past while searching for monthly rentals in Mexico, and I got screwed over because the realtor showed me houses that were geared for expats. This means that the monthly rentals in Mexico I saw were way overpriced but I didn’t know this so I ended up signing a lease on a house I shouldn’t have.

Don’t get me wrong. The house was absolutely stunning but it was completely unfurnished and like I said earlier, way overpriced. I should add in that completely unfurnished in Mexico means no stove, refrigerator, light bulbs, or really anything. Nada!

Remember, we kind of did something crazy two years ago when we decided to sell all our possessions and travel the world so this means we are starting from scratch if we go unfurnished.

Basking In The Merida Sun

Barbara loves to give her clients a warm welcome when they move to Merida, Mexico so she often picks them up from the airport. Unfortunately, our flight arrived super early for some bizarre reason despite it leaving late from Guanajuato.

This left us waiting outside for our ride in the hot Merida weather for about 45 minutes. At the time, we thought we were going to die but luckily an air-conditioned vehicle driven by Barbara Blanco showed up to rescue us.

I feel like every new city that we are considering making a home base gives us this greeting. Things don’t go as planned but typically if we stay calm, it gets better.

We arrived at the Airbnb. I was pleasantly surprised that it was recently painted, had all new furniture, and was clean.

We did notice right away that there were few issues.

For one, there was no wifi even though it was listed in the description. The gas tank was RIGHT next to the little stove and I was not comfortable using that. I mean. I am not trying to die.

We were greeted by cockroaches in the bathroom at night. Yuck! I am from Texas so these are not the first roaches I have seen but that doesn’t mean I want them as roommates!

I am pretty sure I spent the first few nights opening the bathroom super slowly and then running in there with a broom in my hand going to war with cockroaches. It was-not-pretty.

Luckily, the owner quickly got everything resolved. Wifi was installed, the gas tank moved outside, and the house was sprayed.

Basically, life got a whole lot better.

Our first week in Merida, was super busy in a good way and there was a mix of emotions. If I am being completely honest I questioned if we made the right move.

This is super common when first moving to a place after vacationing somewhere because vacationing somewhere is different than actually living there.

The invites to meet up and hang out were endless and I loved it but found myself feeling burnt out pretty quickly.

There are endless things to do in Merida. My toddler loves all the indoor playgrounds that keep you nice and cool in the Merida heat.

Unfortunately, there were not many indoor playgrounds in Guanajuato so we are taking full advantage of the ones in Merida.

Living abroad as a single mom
Novie getting her face painted at Los Trompos in Merida

I am pretty sure we visited an indoor playground a day for the first few days.

Dark Alleyways With Strange Men

One night, we went out with new and old friends to my very first speakeasy.

I had no idea what a Speakeasy was. I thought it was the name of a bar so I was alarmed when Nathan from the Foodie Flashpacker blog led me down a dark alley to the back of a restaurant.

When he saw my super alarmed facial expression, he took me back out of the restaurant and explained what a speakeasy was.

For those of you as clueless as I was, a speakeasy is a hidden bar. They came about during the Prohibition Era.

It was one of the coolest things I had ever seen.

The night turned out to be so much fun with great friends, amazing drinks at Malahat’s Bar, and delicious food at Bela Chela.


Single Mom Mom Makeover

No first week in a new city is complete without a complete mom makeover. The greys had found their way back to me so I headed to a nearby salon with friends and got rid of them.

The ladies at the salon did a great job of dying my hair red, straightening my hair, and cleaning up my wildebeast eyebrows.

In my experience, single moms often forget about self-care. We are so busy taking care of everyone else that we often forget to take care of ourselves.

This is something I have worked on over the past six months. In order for me to be a good mom, I need to take care of myself first. Otherwise, I am pouring from an empty cup and my kids aren’t getting the best of me.

The next couple of months we are going to enjoy getting settled into this new city. We are going to search for our dream home amongst all the long term rentals in Merida, hang out with friends, eat good food, go on adventures, and try not to die from the heat.

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  1. Patricia Niles says:

    I can’t stop reading….I’m so Happy for you….wow..I’m smiling again…my mind is filled with POSSIBILITIES…I’m moving… this single Mom just got INSPIRED.


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