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Say YES to life!

how to overcome fear in life

By saying YES to life and pushing past my fears and discomfort, I transformed my life. You see. I’ve been on a spiritual and personal development journey for about a year and a half now. Deciding to get rid of my material possessions and traveling the world with my 3 daughters propelled me into a life like no other.

Say yes to life
Mia saying Yes to life in Kosovo

During this journey, I had to learn to love myself. I would say that I had to learn to love myself again but that wouldn’t be the truth because I never truly loved myself until now at 31 years old.

When I was a child being raised by a white mother, I hated my color and I hated my hair. I wanted white skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes because I thought if I had those traits my mother would love me more. I thought if I had those traits the world would accept me.


I can remember feeling this way as early as 8 years old. Why? Why in the world should a little brown girl feel like she needs to be a different color and have different hair in order to be loved and accepted by her family and society?

I am not ready to answer that.

For most of my life up until around 6 months ago, I struggled deeply with feeling joy.

No matter how hard I tried to find happiness it always eluded me.

I searched for happiness in men, alcohol, and material items.

I never stopped to look for it within.

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t just be happy. Was I defective?

Let me see?

According to the multiple psychiatrist and psychologist I saw, I was defective.

Labeled as a manic depressive at 21, I was told that it would be very difficult for me to function in society. I was told that I would always struggle and never live a “normal” life. Whatever that means.

For the longest time, I believed them.

But then one day I asked myself, “What if they are wrong?”

Instead of letting others’ beliefs and my own fears control me, I decided to say YES to life. Anytime something that scared me was presented to me, I agreed to do it.

Riding a horse up a mountain with a toddler. Saying Yes to life in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

This meant getting rid of it all to travel the world with my 3 daughters.

This meant meeting and forming friendships with strangers.

Navigating foreign lands by myself with 3 little girls.

Taking up tumbling classes in a foreign country.

Going Live on Facebook.

Driving in a foreign country.

Starting my own business.

Leading hundreds of women on transformational journeys.

Opening my heart again at the risk of being hurt.

Say yes to life
Me taking tumbling classes in Albania.

Sometimes we have to stop and ask ourselves what we are waiting for? Are we waiting for a better job, more money, less debt, and a better relationship in order to start living life? Maybe we are waiting for the right time?

The right time is right this second.

Wearing costumes in a country where people do not dress up for Halloween. We said yes to life.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed so find a way to start living right now. Stop waiting. Stop holding back your greatness. You are important and the mark you will leave on this world is important.

The change starts with you!

Are you finding yourself saying NO to life?

Are you struggling to get out of bed?

Are you hating the job you chose?

Today, that changes. I am calling on 30 powerful women who are ready to transform their minds and lives with me.

You Can Do This

You have to be ready to push past limiting beliefs and be completely open to a new way. If you want your life to be how it already is then keeping doing what you are doing. However, if you are absolutely fed up and ready for a change then do something different.

Join my 30 Days To A Happier You mindset workshop.

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30 Days To A Happier You

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I know what it feels like to feel stuck and defeated. I am on a mission to change as many lives as possible. You CAN do this! Invest in yourself. Transform your life and feel great doing it.

Say yes
Saying Yes to spending more time with my babies.

Once you pay right here, I will send you a message on Facebook. You will be added to a closed Facebook group with other women who want to transform their lives. Stop waiting. Say yes. If you absolutely need to know more, then read more about the workshop by clicking here.






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  1. Ada says:

    Love this. Conquering our fears and challenging ourselves when there are obstacles and naysayers are buzzing in our ears is something to live for.


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