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Shared Accommodations: A Single Mother House Sharing Experience in Merida, Mexico

Single Mom House Share In Mexico

If you would have told me even six months ago that I would be sharing a home with up to three other single mom families at a time while living in Merida, Mexico, I would have said you were absolutely and undeniably nuts.

Yet, here I am, only a few months after moving into my new home, and about to welcome my first long term single mom family to the official Single Moms DO Travel House.

There are so many thoughts going through my head right now. So far we have successfully hosted four single mom families in our 8 bedroom home. I’ve went through all types of emotions as I adjusted from traveling full-time and living out of just three backpacks with my three daughters to having to furnish a completely unfurnished 8 bedroom home.

Shared accomodations for single parents

There were many times where I wanted to quit. I’ve cried multiple times as I handed over thousands of dollars to buy beds, a refrigerator, stove, couch, sheets, towels, pots, pans, dishes, utensils, décor, plants, and event toilets seats and kissed all those plane tickets and trips away.

It didn’t matter what I bought, the amount of things I seemingly needed was overwhelming.

Here is a fun fact for you. Unfurnished houses in Mexico typically do not come with anything including toilet seats and light bulbs.

As many tears have been shed on this new journey of ours in frustration, sadness, anxiousnees, happiness and laughter have also been shared because I am going full force towards a dream of mine of starting an intentional community for single moms right here in Mexico.

Creating a safe place for single moms to land on their journey of trying out living abroad and travel in Mexico, has brought so much joy to our little family.

My plan with this home is to rent two rooms out long term and one bedroom for short term stays.

Of course in order for a long term renter to work out, the kids have to get along and us mommas have to jive together too. It is so important for everyone in the home to be happy in shared accommodations.

I love how my house is designed because it allows everyone to have their own space.

The three guest bedrooms each with their own private bathrooms are downstairs. They are separated by a shared court yard.

I have plans for this court yard to be an oasis and to have a little section with hammocks off to the side and a nice outdoor sitting area.

Shared accomodations

I envision vines crawling up the wall and enchanting lights hanging from the metal gate above the courtyard.

This will be a place where us mommas can relax and chat while our little ones play.

Shared accomodations
Simple wooden table

The dining room has three small wooden tables so each family can have their own little table. I do plan on hosting weekly or biweekly single mom potluck dinners so in that case we can combine the tables and make one long table.

Single Mom House Share
Dining room

Two of the larger bedrooms have two Queen sized beds each where the smaller one has only one Queen sized bed. This room will be perfect for a mom with a baby or toddler.

It is also probably the quirkiest of the three guest bedrooms but  has the nicest bathroom.

The living room has a super comfy large blue couch with a very colorful rug.

Single mom house share
Roommate Evi and her son enjoying their morning on the comfy sofa.

My family occupies three bedrooms upstairs and we have one bathroom. There is also a playroom upstairs and another room upstairs that will eventually become a coworking space. A lot of the moms visiting and living here are entrepreneurs and digital nomads. It is important for them to have good wifi and a place to work.

Plus, the creative energy of having a co-working space will allow some amazing online businesses to be built in this home. I am excited to see what all these badass women create in their time here.

We installed air conditioning in my room and my daughters’ rooms but there is no AC in the rest of the house which can make the summer months tough.

I think moms would be most comfortable in this home starting in the month of September all the way through March. Those months have milder temps which would make living without AC more bearable.

The downstairs is designed well with good airflow. The house did not come with screens so I hired someone to install screens all throughout the downstairs which keeps mosquitos out of the house. It stays relatively cool with the fans on.

I am realizing now that the kitchen will probably need a second refrigerator. One refrigerator is too small for multiple single parent families living together.

Honestly, I am just going with the flow. This is all new and I am embracing the journey and taking you all along for the this crazy wild ride.

Mommas that have stayed have truly enjoyed their time in the home with many saying they want to come back and stay even longer.

Single mom roommates
Hanging out at a salsa club with SMDT members Carissa and Valerie.

I can’t blame them because Merida, Mexico is absolutely amazing and it has this way of pulling you in and never letting you go.

This city is the perfect place for expat single mommas. Here in Merida you get the beautiful Mexican culture but still get  modern convenicies as well.

This was not the case in Guanajuato City, Mexico where we were staying before.

Here in Merida, I can have my groceries delivered, resteraunt food delivered, ATM cash, medicine, and even alcohol all delivered to my doorstep.

Shoot… even the doctor and chiropractor can come to your house for super reasonable prices.

Anyone else out there have a toddler and dread going to the grocery store? Yeah… with the Rappi delivery app here in Merida, you don’t have to step foot in a grocery store ever again. Amazing, right?

The Single Moms DO Travel (SMDT) House does not have a washing machine or dryer but there are two laundry places a few doors down. It is super nice to pay someone around $5 to wash, dry, and fold a shit ton of your clothes.

If you have ever been overwhelmed by laundry before like I used to be on a daily basis back in the U.S., you should seriously consider moving to Mexico where someone else washes and folds your clothes for you. Sounds like a dream, right?

Benefits Of A Single Mom House Share

There are many benefits of a single mom house share. As single moms, we don’t have anyone else to help us with our kiddos a lot of the times. By living in a single mom house share, we can have much needed support that us single moms are not likely to have living on our own.

Single momhood can also be lonely at times. We don’t have a partner to come home to and share about our day with. Having other like minded adults in the house to talk to can really combat loneliness as a single mom.

Shared accomodations
Sharing a home can create lasting friendships

There are many benefits for kids as well. My own toddler is basically an only child because my other two girls are teenagers. She sees my teens as her other two moms.

Having other kiddos in the home gives her instant playmates which is something she loves.

She is also having to learn to share which is something she really needed.

Single Mom Community In Merida

Let me tell you all about the amazing single mom community here in Merida, Mexico. I feel like I hear about another single mom visiting/moving to Merida on a weekly basis. Currently, there are 7 single moms here in our community with their families. In September there will be 9 from what I know so far.

I love how it is such a diverse group of single moms and a wide age range of kiddos as well. Every mom has someone to hang out with and the kiddos have their people too.

We hang out with each other usually a few times a weeks. My girls enjoy having  sleepovers and other teens they can spend time with. They go to the movies, malls, ice skating, bowling, and so much more with their friends.

I truly thought we had lost that experience for them because we had a hard time finding friends for them during our travels.

It is really nice to have a community of like minded individuals to be a part of.

Other Shared Accommodations For Single Parents

Obviously, I am not the first person to think of offering shared accommodations for single parents. If you are still living in the United States, there is actually an organization called CoAbode which is a single mothers home sharing and friendship network.

Let me tell you a little bit about CoAbode. This amazing network was founded on the principle that two moms raising children together can achieve more than one going at it alone. What an amazing principle and so very true!

According to their website, they match moms for home-sharing based on personality, what each person values, and for community building at every stage of life, building stable homes, shared child care and stability in uncertain times.

All of these are super important and the same things I consider when looking for single mom roommates for my own home. All partnerships take work and common interests so I think their philosophy and matching preferences are very reasonable.

I would truly love to see more shared accommodations for single parents open up all around the world. Shoot… in the United States alone there are nearly 13. 7 million single parents. Imagine if most of those single parents combined forces with each other.

There would be a whole lot less single parents struggling financially and emotionally. We should definitely bring back the whole village concept of raising kids. I don’t know who came up with the idea that we were supposed to raise kids on our own but something definitely needs to shift to make the lives of single parent families a whole lot easier.

Are You A Single Parent Looking For A House Share?

Look no further because I have an amazing one here in Merida, Mexico. If you do not think Mexico living would be right for you, that is totally okay but I know there are other single parent families out there looking to share their homes with other single parent families.

Here are some tips on how you can find other single parent roommates in your area:

1.Join local single parent groups on Facebook. This is also a great way to just connect with other single parents. You can type in single parents, single moms, etc… in the search bar plus your city and see what comes up. Even if you can’t find a group specifically for single parents in your area, you might be able to find a parenting group in general. You can then ask there if anyone would be interested in a home sharing experience.

2. Look on for single parent groups. Chances are pretty high that you are not the only single parent in your city, right? Why not meet up with other single parents in the area? It is hard to relate to married couples so finding people in a similar situation as you could be super beneficial. Plus, you might really jive with someone and they could become your roommate.

3. Try out Craigslist. Put an advertisement on Craigslist saying you are seeking a single parent roommate and see if anyone reaches out. Of course, only meet in a public place and truly get to know the person before deciding to move in together but Craigslist might be a great place to find a roommate. They even have a roommate section under their housing section.

Things To Think About With Shared Accommodations

There are a ton of things to think about when it comes to shared accommodations.

How does cleaning look? What about quiet hours? What extra expenses are there? What about dating and bringing guest over?

These are just a few of things you should consider when deciding on whether or not shared accommodations will work for you.

Since this is my first experience with shared accommodations, I really don’t have the answers just yet and since each home sharing experience is different, what works for my home might not work for yours.

If you are already a part of a single mom house share, leave me a comment telling me all about your experience. I love to hear others stories. If you are not a part of one, are you interested in being a part of one? What are your hesitations?

I will definitely be learning what works and what doesn’t work over the next few months when it comes to shared accommodations. I am sure I will have to adjust a few things to make it comfortable for everyone involved.

Happy House Sharing!












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