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Single Mom Struggles: How Moving Abroad As Single Mom Can Make Life Easier

I get how incredibly difficult life can be. When I was thrown into single mom life nearly two years ago, I didn’t know how I was going to make it. Single mom struggles are real but I discovered something that will make single mom life so much easier.

I discovered that by moving abroad as a single mom to Mexico, I could erase most of the single mom struggles from my life. Keep reading to find out just how I made all this possible.

Single Mom Struggles In The U. S.

In the U.S., single moms are faced with so many struggles. Yes, this is true in many countries but since I am from the U.S., I am going to focus on single mom struggles faced there. The biggest of the single mom struggles faced in the U.S. is that of limited money. Let’s face it. Living in the United States as a single mom can be super expensive.


Daycare can be as much as your rent or mortgage payment and that is just for one kid. What if you have more than one kid? I was terrified after my divorce because I had planned on taking a year off school to stay home with my daughter.

I did not want my daughter raised by daycare but when I left my husband, daycare was looking to be the only option I had it and that seriously broke my heart. I had no idea how I would be able to pay for daycare and the thought of being away from my newborn baby at the time for 8 or more hours a day truly broke me down.

lonely single mom
Novella enjoying life in Mexico with mommy!

Lack Of Community

Before moving to Mexico, I lived in Austin, Tx and I knew exactly one other single mom. Most of my friends were married so it made it very difficult for me to relate to friends and for friends to relate to me. I felt alone most of the time.

Having a single mom community is so important and for some reason, I struggled to find this in the U.S. I think this might be because life in the United States is lived on your own for the most part.

People seem to stick to just being with their own families. This is just a personal observation so you might not agree but this is what I found when I was living in Texas.

Saving Money

Moving abroad as a single mom to Mexico literally erased the single mom struggles I was facing back in the United States.

First of all, the cost of living in Mexico is pretty darn cheap if you are coming from a country where your currency is strong against the peso. I even wrote a blog post on How To Survive Financially As A Single mom and my number one suggestion is to move abroad! Check it out by clicking here.

I earn money online so I can live a pretty darn good life in Mexico on a budget that I couldn’t survive on without government assistance back in Texas. This is a reality for many of the single moms I have met on this journey.

In Mexico, I can afford daycare and even a live-in nanny if I wanted. I can get a super nice beautiful home, eat out a bunch, spend money on activities, and even travel If I wanted all while building a successful online business.

Back in Texas, I would have been working way too many hours to be able to build an online business and even with working all those hours there wouldn’t have been enough spare money to eat out a bunch or do any fun activities much less travel.

Are you starting to see how moving abroad as a single mom can change the game? If not, then keep reading.

lonely single mom
Enjoying a fun night out at Los Trompos in Merida, Mexico

I love eating out and luckily living in Mexico allows me to eat out often.

Moving Abroad As A Single Mom

Moving to Mexico as a single mom gave me the opportunity to spend more quality time with my kids. I find life in the United States too fast-paced. Mexico has this way of making you slow down. I hardly ever feel rushed. I just feel at ease. Shoot…I am even able to take long naps (siestas) every day if I want to and if my toddler cooperates.

I know you face those single mom struggles every day. I know you can feel defeated and like a lonely single mom feeling overwhelmed at times but there are other options like moving abroad to a cheaper country so your dollars can stretch a whole lot further.

I also know this might sound drastic and you shouldn’t move to another country to just save money so let me tell you more reasons why your single mom struggles will disappear once you move abroad.

No More Being A Lonely Single Mom

You won’t feel so alone for one. There are expat single moms all over Mexico. I personally know of a big group in Merida which is where I am moving in just a few days.

These single mom communities are tight-knit with like-minded women who get everything you are going through. That in itself is a major reason to move abroad.

I remember the first time I was in Mexico a little over a year ago, I got super sick and so did my girls. Even though I had only known the other single mommas in that city for a few days at the time, they went out of there way to bring us groceries and make sure we were okay.

That was the first time I truly saw how amazing having a single mom community was.

In our most recent time in Mexico, my oldest daughter fell sick. Another single momma called the doctor who then came to us instead of me having to take my daughter to him. It was such an amazing experience.

Not only was the doctor kind and knowledgeable but the cost of it all was only $25 USD! Amazing!

It is so nice to be able to connect with others so I don’t feel like a lonely single mom feeling overwhelmed. It is crazy that I could feel so lonely back in the U.S. even though I had my kids with me 24/7.

Sometimes you just need another adult to talk to so you do not go absolutely insane. Now, I can reach out to multiple moms and kick the whole lonely single mom feelings to the curb as needed.

It is definitely a beautiful feeling when you can reach out and connect with others who are there to encourage and support you. That is just one of the things moving abroad as a single mom has done for me.

When I first started traveling, I did struggle to connect with others which is why I created the Facebook group Single Moms DO Travel. 

This group has grown to over 2000 members and I love how inspiring and encouraging it is. It is always nice to discover you are not alone in the world. If you are thinking about moving abroad as a single mom, traveling, or creating your dream life, then you definitely need to join my group.

Dealing With Stress

I don’t think a day went by when I was living back in the U.S. that I didn’t feel stressed. Now, Let me be clear, travel and living abroad can be stressful but it is a completely different type of stress. The stress you will encounter while traveling and living abroad will have more to do with navigating a new country and culture, losing your passports, or trying to decipher a new language.

Moving abroad as a single mom
Dealing with a canceled flight.

Life is so much more relaxed now.

I wake up each day without an alarm. Sometimes, I get woken up with my toddler’s foot in my face but most times the early morning sunlight wakes me.

I just lay in bed for a while and feel a sense of gratitude over not having to rush off anywhere. Often, I sneak out of bed, head to the kitchen, and whip myself up some eggs or a smoothie.

Then I can sit down and journal or read before anyone else is up.

I should add that I practice worldschooling and unschooling with my kids so we do not have to rush off to school which helps a whole bunch.

My kids’ schooling was definitely one of the single mom struggles I faced back in the United States.

I can’t even begin to explain all the stress we had when they were in public school. You can read how unschooling and world schooling changed that for us by clicking here.

Finding Happiness

moving abroad as a single mom
Enjoying a night out in Guanajuato, Mexico with my daughters.

Moving abroad as a single mom has helped me discover true happiness. If you have been following our journey over the last two years then you know it is no secret that I have battled with depression my entire life. I’ve spoken with many moms who have depression as one of the single mom struggles they face.

It can be absolutely debilitating but I’ve somehow managed to conquer it for the first time in my life and I truly believe that moving abroad as a single mom is what helped me overcome it.

That doesn’t mean that everything is all butterflies and rainbows. When we were living in Albania, depression crept back into my life temporarily as soon as winter hit. You can read more about that by clicking here.

It took me literally moving from Albania to Mexico to feel better both physically and mentally. Apparently, sunshine, warm weather, and tacos were just the medicine I needed!

moving abroad as a single mom
Novella chilling on a rooftop patio in beautiful Mexico

If there is anything that I want you to take away from this post, it is that you do not have to face single mom struggles or being a lonely single mom alone. So many of us have been there. We get it! Just remember that you are absolutely amazing and you’ve got this!

If you are looking for single mom living abroad and travel inspiration, make sure to check out our YouTube channel by clicking here. 

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