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Single Moms DO Travel House: Shared Accomodations For Single Moms

Shared accommodations

Are you looking to share a home with other single moms? Let’s be honest. Single motherhood can be tough. Teaming up with other single moms in a shared home might be just what you need. I have just the home for you.

If you are a member of my Single Moms DO Travel group on Facebook, then you already know that I followed a crazy wild dream of mine and got an 8 bedroom home in Merida, Mexico so I could create a single mom co-op!

Shared accommodations
Some of the SMDT Members In Merida

A lot of single mothers write me when they find out about our travels and our living abroad experience. They want to live a life of travel but don’t know where to start and often are too scared to go at it alone.

I highly recommend starting with this blog, our YouTube channel, and my Single Moms DO Facebook group. There are tons of single moms living the travel lifestyle out there!

The Single Moms DO Travel House is a home for moms who are looking for a coliving experience  while trying out living abroad and traveling in Mexico. This shared accomodation house is located in beautiful Merida which coined the nickname the White City. This home will be featured on a major television network in a few months. The closest airport is in Merida(MID) but some people choose to fly into Cancun and then take a 4 hour ADO bus ride to Merida.

When I first got the home, it was completely unfurnished. If you know our story, we have lived out of three backpacks for the last couple of years after selling all our possessions so we could travel the world.

We started over from scratch and thanks to our blog readers and supporters, we were able to raise money to help get started with furnishing the house. We are now open for single moms!

Single mom community
Hanging out with SMDT members in Progreso

All About The House

My family occupies three bedrooms and one bathroom located upstairs. There are two other rooms and one open space upstairs. One room is being made into a second kitchen plus coworking space with an outdoor area and another will be a shared playroom. The open room will be a library. (Please note that these are future plans.)

The downstairs has 3 guest bedrooms each with their own private bathroom, a shared living room space with a comfy couch, a large shared kitchen, shared dining room, and shared courtyard that connects the three bedrooms.

Shared courtyard

Living Room

Our living room has a large comfy sofa and minimal décor. Moms and kids love to hang out on this sofa. There are some shared toys in the living room as well and lots of windows.

Shared accommodations for single moms
Roommate Evi and her son hanging on the couch

Dining room

The dining room has three small wooden tables. (We have plans for a large wooden table that can seat 8 to 10 people at a time.)

Shared accommodations for single moms
Dining room

Shared Kitchen

The shared kitchen is large with one large refrigerator, stove and oven, blender, microwave, juicer, and everything you will need to cook. It is quirky just like many of the other rooms.There is even a large mirror in the kitchen which makes absolutely no sense. lol

Shared accommodations for single moms
Quirky Kitchen

Shared accommodations for single moms

Trippin’ Momma Suite

This is my personal space and it currently consist of a large bedroom with a king sized bed and private bath. This is the quietest and most private room in the house. It is also currently the only room with AC. My teen daughters’ rooms are upstairs as well but they will remain locked.

This room is only available when we travel. Currently, it is available for November 4th to November 22nd 2019. If you are interested in booking this space, send me an email to

Large Room

Our largest guest bedroom has two queen sized beds, a private bathroom, and a walk in closet. This is the nicest of the guest rooms. This room has no AC but it does have fans.

Shared accommodations

Shared accommodations

Shared accommodations
Walk in closet

Medium Room

Our medium sized bedroom has two queen sized beds and a private bathroom. This room has no AC but it does have fans.

Small Bedroom

Our small guest bedroom has one queen sized bed and a toddler bed/nook plus private bathroom. This room has a brand new modern bathroom. Although this is the smallest and quirkiest of the guest bedrooms, it is also the most private because it is set in the back of the house behind the courtyard and a gated door.

Shared accommodations

Shared accommodations

Shared accommodations

Monthly Rates

Large Room  ($350)

Medium Room  ($325)

Small Room ($300)

Daily Rates (5 night minimum)

Large Room ($19)

Medium ($17)

Small Room ($15)

House Rules

In order for shared accommodations to work there needs to be house rules. Here are a couple of rules to ensure your stay is amazing!

  1. No smoking of any kind on the property. This includes vaping.
  2. No guests over without asking me first and no overnight guests.
  3. Please treat the furniture respectfully, Although the house is incredibly kid friendly, I do ask that the couch be used for sitting on and not jumping on. I will eventually get big floor pillows where kiddos can jump and build forts and all the things their imagination can come up with.
  4. We haven’t established quiet times just yet and have not had problems yet. If you do want to watch something late at night or listen to music, it would probably be best to wear headphones so you do not disturb other roommates.
  5.  No unsupervised children under the age of 11. There are typically lots of mommas here in the home so if you need to run out and grab something, see if one of the other mommas is okay with keeping an eye on your little one. Chances are super high that they will be more than happy to do so. We want to make sure that the home stays safe. I totally get that different kids have different maturity levels. We also have a great babysitter I can recommend and sometimes my teens are up for babysitting as well.
  6.  Please be mindful with electricity usage. Although there is no AC in the guest bedrooms, I do ask that lights and are turned off  when not in use. Electricity is expensive in Mexico so this helps a lot.
  7.  No flushing toilet paper. I know this can be shocking for some of you but you can’t flush toilet paper in most houses in Mexico. Toilet paper goes in the trash.
  8.  Cleaning up after your family. We all pitch in with cleaning. The housekeeper does come once a week and cleans all common areas and bedrooms so that definitely helps but you will still be responsible for cleaning up after yourself. We are a team here!

Why Didn’t I Qualify?

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to stay at the SMDT House and that is okay. Merida is a great place to live/visit whether you stay in this house or not.

In fact, there are tons of Airbnbs available at amazing prices. Some of them even have pools and AC so I encourage you to visit and connect with us either way. Here are a few reasons why you might get denied:

1.Too large of a family

Although the house is larger, it can start to fill small really quickly with the more people staying at the house. If your family is larger than 4 it will probably not be a good fit for you, even in our larger guest bedroom. However, there are exceptions  so please email me anyways. The other rooms might not be occupied.

2. You Are Not A Single Mom

This house is strictly for Single Moms DO Travel members. 

I want to state again. If you can not stay at the SMDT House for any reason, please do still come to Merida, Mexico and connect with us. 

Other things to note:

Although I do live here, I spend a lot of time upstairs and give you your space. I love being around people, and I also love spending time by myself to regain my energy. It is important for us all to respect each other’s privacy.

Even though this is a coliving experience and you get support from the other single moms in the house, it doesn’t mean that some independence isn’t required.

I can help guide you with what I have learned and so can the other single mommas here but ultimately your experience is totally up to you.

As stated before, you can’t flush toilet paper which is common all over Mexico. Also, we do not have hot water for the most part but with the super crazy hot weather for a large portion of the year, you will probably get some luke warm water.


I traveled through the Yucatan for a month with my 5/girl and 7/boy and some of our fondest memories was staying here! We were able to connect with another family while relaxing and feeling at home. Had amazing adventures as well- the home and city are a magical place! We can’t wait to come back <3

-Erin Jones

Erin and her beautiful kiddos!

As a single mom of two under 10, with no family, I had already been doing it on my own for a very long time. When we were ready to start our international travels, I reached out to Amoya and asked to stay at the SMDT house. We arrived 2 months ago and were welcomed by Amoya, her beautiful daughters, and all the other brave single moms in the house and in the Merida community. The house is spacious, clean, and welcoming. The rooms are seperated with a private feel, yet the house encourages a community environment with the big open common kitchen, dining, and living areas. My kids and I stayed in the medium sized room and absolutely felt right at home in it. Rain or shine, the kids had something to do and the moms had each other for support, both emotional and physical. I embarked on a big adventure, taking my kids on an international nomadic journey, but I got off on the right foot surrounded by other single moms that get it. They travel, and many of them are seasoned. Our kids would play together while we discussed tips and tricks, ideas, and lessons. The kids and I are moving in a week and it’s bittersweet leaving the SMDT house. It helped me feel more confident and ready. We are still staying in Merida thought to continue engaging in this community where my kids have made some friends and I can continue to connect with these amazing moms! The kids have expressed their interest in returning to the house and I can certainly see why. Amoya’s authenticity has struck a chord in my heart and I’m forever grateful we had the opportunity to start this leg of our journey here. Thank you Amoya for your incredible hospitaly, unwavering support and all that you do for this SMDT community. I was inspired from the start, but getting to know you and all these other amazing moms was like a warm hug I didnt realize I desperately needed.

-Evi Paris

My two children and I had a wonderful experience at the SMDT house. We stayed for a week during our summer vacation, but we would love to stay longer next time. Amoya gave us many tips for navigating Merida, and it definitely improved our experience. The SMDT house is a safe and affordable option for travel where you can meet like-minded moms and kids. I highly recommend it!!

-Valerie Gonzalez


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  1. Leann says:

    So inspiring. Definitely hoping to connect to this community and hopefully stay in the house on my travels.


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