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Road Tripping To New Mexico- Trippin’ Momma

Blocked By The Never Ending Divorce Proceedings

Canada was supposed to be our next big trip in September,  but with that coming up soon and my divorce still not finalized, I decided to put it on hold and go on a road trip instead. We are definitely ready to adventure on. It is frustrating not being able to travel internationally but luckily there is so much to see in the USA.

The girls have been begging for cooler temps, and I secretly have been as well.The Texas heat is killing us! With the toddler, I knew any long drives would be absolutely miserable for everyone.  She usually does well with drives that are less than 5 hours so we are going to try keeping each driving day under that.

I decided to look into Armed Forces Vacation Clubs because I kept hearing how affordable they were. For around $350 a week, you can stay in a one or two bedroom suite at these resorts. That is one heck of a deal, and it actually fits into my super tight monthly accommodation budget.

I booked us a two-bedroom suite at Pinecliff Village in Ruidoso, New Mexico with very mixed reviews.  I am not going to lie. It doesn’t look fancy at all. I have already warned the girls. I figure if we go with very low expectations, then maybe we won’t be shocked if the place is less than desirable. After the disaster rental house in Puerto Rico, I think we can handle just about anything thrown our way.

I know nothing about New Mexico. Nada. Zilch. I have absolutely no set plans and this 10-hour drive will be the longest drive I have done with the girls solo. It should be rather interesting. Stay tuned.


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