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We Are Moving To Merida (Trip Recap)

Best places for single moms to live in the world

We Are Moving To Merida. Here Is Why.

If you have been following us on Instagram and Facebook,  then you know we had such an amazing time in Merida. Mexico last week. From the moment we stepped out of the airport and the hot tropical weather greeted us, I knew we had found our new home. In order for me to tell you why we are moving to Merida, I need to first give you a recap of our 10 day trip there.

The first thing I noticed was how quickly our Uber arrived to pick us up after ordering it. It only took two minutes! This might not seem like a big deal to most of you but when you have been living in Guanajuato City, Mexico for the last few months where Uber is illegal, it is a really big deal to get an Uber so quickly and so easily.

In Guanajuato City, you can be waiting forever and the Uber might still cancel in the end because they spot police nearby or for whatever reason seems good at the time. It can be very frustrating.

Our First Day

That first day in Merida we found ourselves mesmerized by all the colorful buildings and how clean it was. If I am being perfectly honest, I didn’t want to go on this trip. We are still experiencing full-time travel burn out from traveling pretty much full-time these last two years. Our trip to Merida was primarily so I could surprise a former client and friend of mine for her surprise birthday party.

We did just that. You can see the surprise in the first few minutes of the YouTube video below. I was so glad that I was invited and able to be a  part of this beautiful moment.

Where We Stayed In Merida

where to stay in Merida
Being a goofball at Santa Ana Hotel in Merida, Mexico

We stayed in this super cute boutique Hotel Santa Ana. It was only  $27 a night or $524 pesos a night and the garden and pool were absolutely beautiful.

The location is unbeatable as well with it only two blocks from the start of the famous Paseo de Montejo, a ten-minute walk from the Museum of Anthropology and History, Teatro Peon Contreras and Merida English Library.  You can also find Parque Hidalgo and Casa Museo Montes Molina only a few minutes away. 

We enjoyed the garden and pool on a daily basis and it was so nice returning home every day to clean room.

Normally we only stay in Airbnbs so this felt like a true vacation.

The hotel even serves breakfast for an added fee but we were never up in time to actually take advantage of it. I highly recommend this hotel if you ever plan on visiting the beautiful Merida.

The First Few Days

The first few days we just hopped in Ubers and headed to all the different malls because that is something Guanajuato doesn’t have. The malls in Merida are massive and each one has something different to offer. They are a great way to stay cool from the deadly Merida heat.

The first mall we checked out was the Gran Plaza because they have a trampoline park and that is something my middle daughter Mia loves.

First, we went to a little diner called La De Los Abuelos (The Grandparent’s House) that was perfect because it had a play area with staff that will watch your little one. It only cost about $1.50 and the staff actually plays with your child instead of just watching them. Novella did not want to leave. Actually, she had a total meltdown when we told her it was time to go.

The food was reasonably priced and okay but we absolutely loved the coffee drinks. I had a type of cappuccino that had a bunch of caramel at the bottom. Yummy!

Afterward, we headed to Xtreme Jumping in the mall where we would spend the next two hours jumping like maniacs.

We had an absolute blast!

things ro do in merida with kids
Xtreme Jumping In Merida

Beach Day In Progreso

I absolutely love the beach. With Merida, I get big city life but I can also still enjoy the beach that is only 30 minutes away.

Our new friends had us meet at the bus station in downtown Merida. You can purchase tickets there. For my family of four, it came out to be about $7 for round trip tickets. The bus was nice and it was air-conditioned.

The ride was smooth and we enjoyed laughing and talking to friends.

Once we got to the beach we found some table and chairs and ordered overpriced beach food. The water was nice and warm and pretty clean which shocked me.

day trip to progreso beach
Progreso Beach

I did not expect to like Progreso but I ended up loving it and I can’t wait for another beach day.

We ended the evening at this gorgeous restaurant called Maya Ka with a pool in the middle, hammocks, cabanas, and 2 for 1 margaritas.

Check out our YouTube video below of our beach day trip and subscribe so you don’t miss out on more videos about life in Mexico.

Endless things to do

I wish I could say I did a whole lot more during our stay in Merida but we didn’t get to because the girls got sick one by one with some sort of terrible virus. We don’t get sick often but when we do, it is pretty bad.

Luckily, Merida has on-call doctors you can call that will come to your home or in our case hotel and check you out.

This is a life saver for single moms and another reason why we are moving to Merida. It is so tough when you are a single mom and sick. Having a doctor come to you is the best thing ever.

Even if we wanted to there was no way we could do all the things there are to do in and around Merida in 10 days. Shoot… it would take years to do everything because there are so many fun and amazing things to do.

Why We Are Moving To Merida

In Merida, I found a high vibe single mom community. I have been searching for a community like this for years. I have found it for a short time in smaller numbers but the community in Merida is exactly what I have been looking for.

Inspiration quotes for single moms

It is so important to find a community that works for you when you are a single mom. I have faith that these women have my back if anything were to happen to me. That is a damn good feeling to have.

I fought with loneliness as a single mom since my divorce which is why I created the Single Moms Do Travel community on Facebook. 

I wanted to connect with other single moms who understood the unique struggles we can face.

Not only is the community in Merida amazing but the city itself has so much to offer as far as medical care, things to do, schools, networking opportunities, and amazing food.

The vibe is Merida just feels good. I truly didn’t expect to love Merida. I figured it would be touristy like Playa Del Carmen and have a similar vibe but that was not the case at all. The locals were so welcoming and friendly. The city is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. Its beauty took my breath away multiple times.

I can’t wait to get on our flight on Tuesday. As sad as I am to leave our home in Guanajuato, I am overwhelmed with excitement and joy for this new adventure of ours.

I’m thankful that it is so easy for us to just pack up our things and leave.

Be Careful What You Ask For

The funny thing is that almost stayed in Merida without coming back to Guanajuato. Multiple times I said we were not going to get on our return flight.

In the end, I decided we did need to go back to Guanajuato for closure and to get our things.

We almost missed our first flight to Mexico City on our travel day back home. Luckily, we had an Uber driver that decided to speed the entire way to the airport.

We arrived in Mexico City with an hour to spare before our next flight to Guanajuato. I started getting concerned when we still hadn’t boarded ten minutes before our flight was supposed

I went up to the attendant to ask what was going on and to my horror, the flight had already left. In all our travels, we’ve never missed a flight before.

Since it was my fault, the chances of Aeromexico putting us on another flight for free were slim to none but I went to the desk anyway.

The guy was upset that we missed the flight but still let us get on another flight for free thankfully. However, the only other available flight wasn’t leaving for another 10 hours. This most likely meant we were spending the night at the airport. Did I mention that all three of my girls were sick with the stomach virus from hell?

I didn’t want to chance trying to find a hotel and making it to the airport at 4 in the morning. We were two hours into our 10 hour wait time when I decided to put our new tickets into the app when I discovered an absolute nightmare. Holy crap!

They had accidentally booked us on a flight back to Merida! We would have waited 10 hours only to wind up right back in Merida! This is why you need to be careful what you ask for.

I went back up to the desk and told them what happened. It was a new guy this time and he was extremely nice and apologetic. He put us in nicer seats and on a flight leaving in an hour.

We made it home to our beds just after midnight.











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