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We Sold All Our Stuff (again)

Selling all your possessions the first time is a pretty big deal that not many people embark on. Doing it for the second time is just plain ol’ crazy. Yet, here we are back in Austin, TX after being abroad for the past four years, starting over with material possessions. 


I truly believe that my discovery of happiness came together because I let go of all of my possessions four years ago. It was one of the most liberating experiences of my life.

When you let go of all the “stuff” you are able to get clear on what it is that you truly value.

I would be lying if I said this time letting go of our possessions was easy. It wasn’t. In fact, I truly struggled with letting go of the life I built in Merida, Mexico.

The first time I got rid of everything it was easy for the most part. We were so ready for a big change and adventure that letting go was not that challenging. If I did have something that I struggled with letting go of, I would donate it instead. The act of giving made it easier to release the item. 

We truly built a life in Merida, Mexico. We were surrounded by the most loving people and community. You see. I believe in surrounding myself with people who resemble the future I want to manifest for myself. 

I am intentional with the people and things I choose to bring into my life. 

Sometimes Less Is More

After 2 years of full-time travel and living out of just three backpacks with my 3 daughters, I realized how little we actually needed to be happy. Actually, we found that the happiest people we encountered during our travels had the least amount of material possessions. 

If I look back on my life, the time when I had large houses full of stuff, I was miserable for the most part. I was so busy caring for the items in the house or working to pay for them, that I had little time to enjoy the things that actually mattered to me like spending time with family and friends and exploring my creative interests. 

I remember hearing about Marie Kondo’s book the The Magical Art of Tidying Up and going out that evening, buying it, and literally devouring the entire book that night.

I started the very next day on all the steps she goes over to release items that don’t spark joy. It is funny to look back on. Me with my big pregnant belly going around the house and letting go of so much stuff. Only a few short months after that I would also choose to let go of my unhealthy marriage, our marital home, the memories that went with it, and a lot of our possessions.

Letting go and starting over is not something new for me.

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” Tyler Durden, Fight Club

I have always found this quote and variations of it to be so powerful. This has been true for my life. I got the massive house near the lake to impress others. The truth was that I loved our little bungalow we were renting before buying our marital home but chose to let it go for the house I thought would impress people. 

When I think about the clothes, cars, and other things I bought in the past, I realize that I often bought to impress rather than to actually enjoy and just like the quote says I didn’t even like the people I was trying to impress because the people I actually care about could care less about the things I have or don’t have.

Here are a few benefits I discovered by getting rid of almost all my possessions twice in my life:

You Don’t Need Much To Be Happy 

I know I discussed this one already but it is worth mentioning more than once. You truly do not need as much as you think you need to be happy. In fact, the people I know with the most material possessions also tend to be the most unhappy. 

During our travels I met so many beautiful souls that owned very little yet they were so happy and giving. They knew a secret and that will bring me to the next benefit of selling all your possessions.

antigua with kids
Early morning at the Yellow House Hostel In Antigua

You Will Discover That Happiness Is More About The People In Your Life And The Experiences In life 

It was only when I released the stuff did my life open up to new experiences and new people who would literally transform my life. I struggled my whole life up until 4 years ago with anxiety and depression. 

I found true joy in all the new experiences we were able to experience because we didn’t have a house full of stuff holding us back and weighing us down both financially and emotionally. We were free to take risks, say yes to new people, and to be open to anything that came our way. 

We discovered that community was one of the most important things in life. 

life in merida mexico
Our amazing communtiy in Merida, Mexico

You’ll Discover What Is Important To You

I was one of the people who wanted to discover my life works and passion but couldn’t figure out where to begin. I also stated numerous times that I didn’t have the time to figure it out yet I had the time to scroll through social media for hours on end. 

By letting go of my possessions, I finally gave myself the space to discover what truly lit my soul on fire and what impact I wanted to have on the world. Now, I didn’t figure this out overnight even after letting go of my possessions that first time. 

It took years of me trying different things, learning, growing, connecting, and consistently pursuing my interests before I came up with the idea of the Inner Circle.

If you are wanting to discover your own passions, you are going to have to prioritize exploring and trying new things. 

More Resources For the things that truly matter to you

By letting go of your possessions, you free up time and money for the things that truly matter to you. I value adventures so I prioritize that in my life. By letting go of the stuff and house I was able to embark on a journey of full-time travel and living abroad for 4 years. That would have been challenging to do at the time without letting go of my possessions first.

What do you truly value in life?

Sometimes, we need to clear away the clutter to get super clear on the things that truly matter to us.





Let me know what you think!

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