What if you could transform your MONEY reality, and welcome in more CASH than you did last month in the next 21 days?

Get ready to Woo Your Money and unlock a new era of prosperity.

21 Days of Mind Blowing Money Manifestation Training, Sisterhood Like No Other, and Prizes!

Vision Boards, Affirmations, and Journaling won’t grow your bank account and definitely won’t make your business dreams come true so you can live a life of FREEDOM.

For 21 Days, I am challenging you to take ALIGNED action and transform your money reality so you can welcome in more cash flow and grow your bank account without HUSTLE….

It’s time to drop that old money story that is holding you back telling you that it is hard.

The story that says you can’t make a whole bunch of money doing work you absolutely love while making an impact.


In Woo Your Money, you’ll dive deep into your current money story, write and design a new one with daily action prompts, subconscious reprogramming, and exclusive teachings from The Subconscious Reprogramming Queen herself, Amoya Shante. 

A sexy, intimate, abundant relationship with money is the vibe. 

Money is here to support you. It’s a tool.

It’s an energy.

And the UNIVERSE is your sugar daddy.

What if you transformed your entire relationship with money in just 21 days? What if you receive more sales and cash in the next 21 days than you did the month before and even the month before that?

This is what happens when you jump into the abundance frequency in my containers. It happens to the women in my community ALL THE TIME. 

Now it is your turn. 

In 2021 I had my first $35,000 launch on a product I hadn't even created yet and it blew my mind!

It felt like I cracked the code to money manifestation finally!

Launch after launch after that the money kept flowing after years of launches sitting at around 4k.

So what was different this time?

What shifted my money reality so drastically propelling me from 30k years to over 100k in income?

That is what you will uncover in Woo Your Money!

I am sharing it all and not holding back even a little.

Maybe your current relationship with money is not the healthiest…

Maybe it is boring, uneventful…

Or maybe it is downright toxic.

Or… maybe it is just ok…

And you are ready to ignite the passion and build a sexy, intimate, fun, healthy relationship with MONEY.

Because you know deep down abundance in your birthright and you are meant for MORE.

You didn’t come here to play small or to just coast by, you came here to thrive and live your absolute best life!

Say goodbye to ordinary and say hello to extraordinary as you go on this 21-day rendezvous with me, where every love note, every activity, and every download is a step closer to a passionate affair with your money that will forever redefine your money reality & life.

Picture yourself indulging in daily love notes from me, The Subconscious Reprogramming Queen, where every word becomes a soothing elixir, a luxurious soak for your unconscious mind, offering endless possibilities. These love notes are divinely crafted to rewire the script of your subconscious, creating a new path that leads to the money reality you truly desire.

Deep down, you know you’re meant for more.

Abundance is your birthright and this 21-day rendezvous is the path to embracing it. 

It is time to thrive beyond “just okay” and step into a world where extraordinary money love affairs are created and experienced.

Woo Your Money came to me in a dream one rainy evening in Merida, Mexico. 

Every love note comes straight from what I live and breathe on a daily basis that took me from a less than ordinary life with a toxic relationship to money to an extraordinary, passionate, fun, sexy, life of FREEDOM, and intimate and abundant relationship with MONEY.

Woo Your Money is MORE than just a manifestation experience or typical audio program, it is an invitation and initiation to the greatest love story ever written with your money.

It is time to say goodbye to your old money story and say hello to the most passionate, fulfilling, exciting, intimate love story of this lifetime and the next.

In Woo Your Money your are getting:

21 Days of pre-recorded money manifestation downloads

Created by manifestation & subconscious reprogramming Queen, Amoya Shante, to help you create a new relationship with money so you can attract the money you truly desire without the HUSTLE and live your absolute best life.

A private popup Facebook community

Where you can connect with your fellow sisters who are on their own money love affair journey and where you can share your money manifestation action items.

The WOO YOUR MONEY workbook

That will help you dive deeper into the lessons and downloads so you.

A chance to win prizes

Including a grand prize valued at over $2000.

Hey Queen!

I am Amoya

Amoya Shante is manifestation, money mindset, NLP, Freedom Lifestyle, subconscious reprogramming coach otherwise known as your Law of Delusion Bestie! She works with women who are ready to leave behind the matrix and design a life of FREEDOM.

In 2017, she sold all her possessions after her marriage ended, and set off for an adventure of a lifetime as a single momma of three traveling around the world. Something crazy happened when she started sharing her story. People started listening and they were so inspired they headed into their own journeys of traveling and living abroad. 

What started a personal journey, turned into a movement of women creating freedom lives by design. She launched her business in February 2020 with a travel and living abroad focus right before the pandemic hit. Instead of folding, she chose to switch her focus to community, manifestation, and lifestyle design. That little business is now a 6 figure business and has changed the lives of hundreds of women around the world. 

She also manifested her soulmate who happened to be the photographer she hired to celebrate her move to Merida, Mexico where she lives now.

She is on a mission to show others how they can  transform their mindset, manifest their hearts desires, and design a life of FREEDOM.


A 21 Day Money Manifestation Experience For Only $44!

We start March 11th.

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It is time to say goodbye to your old money story and say hello to the most passionate, fulfilling, exciting, intimate love story of this lifetime and the next.


Is Woo Your Money included in the Money Manifestation Academy?

NO, but you will get the chance to upgrade into the Academy during the 21 day experience.

Do I have to be an entrepreneur to join?

Nope! Everyone who is ready to transform their money reality and welcome more money into their lives is welcome to join us. 

How long will I have access to Woo Your Money?

You will have lifetime access to the 21 audio downloads and workbook. You will have only 30 day access to the community.

When do we start? 

We start in my birthday March 11th and I am souuuullll excited!!!

Is there a community element?

Yes, you will have access to a popup Facebook group for 30 days.