A LIVE 8-module LOVE manifestation program that will help you get clear on the love & partner you truly desire, release beliefs & programming blocking you, so that you can QUANTUM leap into a love story like no other.

Are you ready to manifest ALIGNED love in the shortest amount of time possible?

Tell me, Gorgeous Soul. Does this sound like you?

You desire to call in a healthy, loving, committed relationship.

You desire to release beliefs that are not aligned with the love life you truly desire.

You are ready to heal unhealthy patterns in relationships and call in a healthy love. 

You are over situationships and breadcrumbers and READY to attract a man who will pursue you consistently. 

You're exhausted with feeling like you need to change who you are to attract a high quality man who adores you. 

You are tired of feeling lonely and are READY to fall in love with life again.

You are tired of feeling unworthy of the love and partner you truly desire.

You are healing from a past break up or relationship ending.

You are over feeling undervalued in relationships and ready to be treated like the Queen you are.

If so, Amore is the love manifestation program for YOU! 

I see you, I hear you. I’ve been you.

Let me show you how to fall in love with you and life itself so you become a magnet for everything you desire including LOVE.

I will teach you how subconscious reprogramming & energetics are THE key ingredients currently missing in your love life.

It is time for you to go from over-thinking, frustrated, confused, lonely to embodying your feminine energy and attracting the love you desire with ease. 

Amore will help you do exactly this using my feminine manifestation process that helped me go from single AF for 5 plus years to in a loving and committed relationship with the love of my life in less than 3 months after starting this process.

In Amore you will….

Create a Clear Vision of Your Ideal/Dream Relationship & Partner: Engage in exercises that help you visualize and articulate what a healthy, loving, and committed relationship looks like for you. This clarity will empower you to better navigate the dating world and recognize the right partner when they come along.

Release Limiting Beliefs and Embrace New Perspectives: Through targeted reflections and guided meditations, you will identify and dismantle the beliefs that have hindered your love life, replacing them with affirmations and new thought patterns that open the door to romance and intimacy.

Heal From Past Relationships: Learn from your past to improve your future. "Amore" will provide you with the resources to understand and heal from previous relationship wounds, ensuring you move forward with a clean slate.

Attract the Love You Deserve: Gain practical strategies and insights into becoming a magnet for love. Learn how to enhance your natural qualities that attract like-minded partners who are also seeking serious, long-term relationships.

Imagine being pursued by aligned partners who can’t wait to take you out and continue to get to know you more. Imagine not having to wait for a text or a call because their energy is always coming towards you so you never have to guess if they like you or not.

In Amore we don't just teach you to manifest love—we teach you how to become a magnet for love, drawing in those who are ready to adore and value you as much as you do them.

Discover the secrets to becoming irresistibly attractive, not through games or gimmicks, but by being your most authentic self. 

You will receive over $6500 in Value:

8 Live Modules with Amoya Shante that will take you from single to a magnet for ALIGNED LOVE. ($2664 Value)

8 Live Subconscious Reprogramming Sessions and Q&A’s that will help you release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the love you truly desire so you can attract a high quality partner who adores you. ($3552 Value)

Love notes from Amoya multiple times a week ($297 Value)

A private FB Community to connect with fellow Queens who are on the same journey as you. (Priceless)

4 Hypnosis Tracks ($222 Value)

Here is how it works:

1. You invest in YOU and say YES to the LOVE manifestation program and sisterhood of your dreams!

You will get a welcome email with the link to our course platform and Facebook community. 

2. A day before we begin your Fb group request will be accepted and you will join your fellow Amore Queens in introducing yourself so we can get to know you better.

3. You pour your favorite beverage, make yourself a snack, or even better have someone make it for you, and you get cozy for our first session or catch it on the replay. 

4. You immediately feel a shift and know deep down that your ALIGNED LOVE is near and every session gets you closer to that love. 

5. You become magnetic to all your heart’s desires and notice that not only are attracting the most amazing humans into your life but your other true heart’s desires as well and you feel so much peace and ease.

Amore is an invitation and initiation for you to drop everything getting in the way between you and the love of your life. 

This is NOT a course.

The problem with courses is you are often left to do them on your own.Transformation happens in the community and with support.

If you could create the change all by yourself, you would have already done it.

Support and community are key in manifesting love.

Plus, when you get a group of women together all with the shared goal of manifesting the love of their life, magic happens!

Be amongst sisterhood who are headed to or are where you desire to be.The Amore experience allows you to connect deeply with other women who desire love on all levels.

Hey Queen!

I am Amoya

Amoya Shante is manifestation, mindset, NLP, Freedom Lifestyle mentor otherwise known as the Subconscious Reprogramming Queen! She works with women who are ready to leave behind the matrix and design a life of FREEDOM.

In 2017, she sold all her possessions after her marriage ended, and set off for an adventure of a lifetime as a single momma of three traveling around the world. Something crazy happened when she started sharing her story. People started listening and they were so inspired they headed into their own journeys of traveling and living abroad.

What started a personal journey, turned into a movement of women creating freedom lives by design. She launched her business in February 2020 with a travel and living abroad focus right before the pandemic hit. Instead of folding, she chose to switch her focus to community, manifestation, and lifestyle design.

That little business is now a 6 figure business and has changed the lives of hundreds of women around the world.

Amoya is a Master NLP practitioner
certified by Yager Training Company in the following areas: Quantum Time Technique Practitioner, Practitioner Hypnotherapist Certification, Certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming Life Coach, and Certified Practitioner of Nuero-Linguistics Programming.

She manifested her soulmate less than 3 months after starting the healing framework she now uses in her programs who happened to be the photographer she hired to celebrate her move to Merida, Mexico where she lives now.

She is on a mission to help 250 women have an absolute love affair with life in 2024!


What you will learn in Amore

Module 1: Subconscious Mastery for Feminine Attraction

💋Unlocking the Power of the Subconscious Mind in Love

Welcome to the foundational stage of your transformative journey into love. In this module, we will dive deep into the potent blend of subconscious dynamics and feminine energy that shapes your romantic destiny.

Imagine mastering the subtle, powerful forces within you that can draw in love effortlessly, making you irresistibly attractive.Prepare to uncover the mysteries of your own mind—how your deepest beliefs and patterns influence your love life without your conscious awareness.

By understanding and reshaping these subconscious elements, you'll align more closely with the love you desire and deserve.Get ready to go on a path of self-discovery and empowerment that will not only revolutionize your approach to love but also enrich every area of your life with newfound understanding and capability.

Module 2: Honey Pot of Self-Love

💋 Cultivating Self-Love to Become Magnetic

Get ready to dive into the sweet essence of self-love, the core ingredient that determines the depth of love you can attract and sustain. This week, we’re not just learning about love; we’re learning to fall in love with ourselves. Remember, Queen, you don’t attract what you desire, but what you vibrate at. It's time to raise your vibrations by deepening your love for yourself.

In this module, we explore the journey back to your authentic self, which will make you irresistibly magnetic. We’ll uncover how the love you give yourself sets the standard for the love you receive. This isn't about changing who you are; it's about embracing and celebrating yourself fully, and in doing so, transforming into a beacon of attraction.

Module 3: Unveiling and Releasing the Blocks of Love

💋 Clearing the Path to True Love

Let’s shift our focus to uncovering and dismantling the barriers that have held you back from experiencing the love you truly deserve. This week is all about identifying those hidden obstacles — the unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that have quietly influenced your love life.

In this module, we dive deep into the layers of your emotional and psychological landscape. We’ll explore how past experiences, societal expectations, and personal fears create a labyrinth that can cloud your heart’s desires. Our goal is to bring these blocks into the light, understand their origins, and gently release them.

Prepare to liberate yourself from the chains of past patterns. Imagine freeing your heart and clearing a path for love to flow freely. It's time to let go of what no longer serves you and embrace the limitless possibilities of love. By the end of this module, you'll feel lighter, more open, and ready to attract the love that resonates with your truest self.

Module 4: Get Clear - Ingredients of Polarity

💋 Crafting Your Love Manifestation Order

Welcome to Week 4, where clarity becomes your guiding force. This week, we dive into the powerful concept of polarity in relationships and how understanding and balancing these energies can enhance your attraction and connection potential. We’re also focusing on crystallizing your desires and putting your love manifestation order into the universe.

In this module, you'll learn about the dynamic interplay of masculine and feminine energies — how these forces are not confined by gender but are universal energies present in all of us. Understanding how to harmonize these energies within yourself and in your relationships is key to attracting the partner who truly complements and resonates with your essence.

Prepare to get specific with what you desire. We will undertake exercises to help you clearly define and articulate the qualities you seek in a partner and the type of relationship you aspire to create. This clarity will act as your order to the universe, setting the intention that aligns with your deepest values and desires.

Imagine sending out a clear, potent signal to the universe — one that reflects your true self and desires. By the end of this module, you will not only understand your own polarity but also how to use this knowledge to magnetize the love that you deserve and desire.

Module 5: Values Alignment in Love

💋Defining Your Core Relationship Values

In this module we explore the core values that define and direct your romantic relationships. "Values Alignment in Love" takes you on a deep dive into the values essential for your fulfillment in love. This module helps you discover and affirm the foundational principles vital for your relationship success.

Through reflective exercises, you'll identify what truly matters to you in a partner and relationship dynamics, from honesty and trust to passion and respect. Gain insights into how these values have shaped your past experiences and how they can guide your future choices.

By the end of this module, you will have a clear vision of your ideal relationship, empowered to attract and foster love that deeply resonates with your personal values. Prepare to navigate the world of love with renewed confidence and clarity, ensuring your romantic life is as enriching as you desire.

Module 6: Anchoring Into Love

💋 Establishing Your Emotional Foundations

In Week 6, "Anchoring Into Love," we delve into the practical techniques and emotional strategies to deeply root your desires for love into your everyday reality. This module teaches you how to anchor the positive feelings and visions of love you've cultivated, making them a stable and integral part of your life.

Through targeted exercises and guided meditations, you will learn how to solidify your emotional and mental intentions, ensuring that your manifestations are not fleeting but have a lasting impact. You'll practice maintaining a consistent vibrational match to your desires, enhancing your ability to attract and sustain the love you've envisioned.

We'll also explore how to integrate these practices into your daily routine, ensuring that your journey towards love is grounded in reality and backed by enduring emotional resilience. By the end of this module, you will feel more connected to your inner self and confident in your path to a fulfilling romantic future, with a strong foundation that supports lasting love.

Module 7: Feminine Magnetism

💋 Unleashing Your Irresistible Charm

This module we unlock the secrets of "Feminine Magnetism," tapping into the profound power and allure of your natural feminine energy to attract the love you deserve. This module is all about embracing and amplifying the qualities that make you uniquely irresistible.

In this week, you will explore the essence of what makes feminine energy a powerful force in attraction. Through practical exercises and reflective practices, you'll learn how to enhance your presence, boost your confidence, and radiate charm in ways that feel authentic and empowering.

We'll delve into how to cultivate your inner glow through self-care, mindset shifts, and energy alignment practices that draw people towards you. You'll discover how to maintain this magnetism consistently, turning it into a natural expression of your being.

By the end of this module, you will not only embody your femininity more fully but also understand how to leverage it as a strength in forming and deepening romantic connections. Get ready to shine brighter, attracting not just any love, but the right love that resonates with your vibrant essence.

Module 8: Becoming Love Manifest

💋 Step Into Your Future Self

Welcome to the transformative conclusion of Amore, "Becoming Love Manifest," where you learn to embody the version of yourself who already lives in the loving reality you desire. This final week is about aligning fully with the identity that attracts and maintains the love you've envisioned.

This module guides you through the process of shedding old narratives and limitations, stepping into a new identity that resonates deeply with your core values and desires. You will learn to think, act, and feel like someone who naturally attracts love, transforming your self-perception and, consequently, how the world responds to you.

We'll utilize powerful visualization and embodiment exercises to connect you with your future self — the you who has successfully manifested their ideal relationship. These practices will help you internalize this new identity, making it a natural part of who you are.

Together, we'll review and integrate the key lessons from each module, reinforcing how they collectively contribute to your transformation. You'll leave this program not just hoping for love but embodying the love you seek, equipped with tools and strategies to maintain this new identity and continue attracting the relationship you truly deserve.

Embrace this final step with open arms and an open heart, ready to live out the reality of love you've crafted through our journey together. Step forward with certainty and joy, knowing that the love you desire is both within and on its way to you.

Hear from our clients

Jenna Love

Li V

When I first began working with Amoya I had two things I truly wanted to manifest 1. A thriving successful business and 2. A loving partner to share my life with The first I knew was entirely possible- I'd done it twice before I could do it again.

The second however felt like and impossibility. Years of emotional abuse lies and tourment, months of physical abuse and a complete destruction to my trust and amplification of the belief that I was unlovable, had left me hopeless.

Amoya encouraged me to script out my perfect partner and to ask myself who that person would love. I scripted out my dream partner across 4 A4 pages that night. I couldn't however imagine who they would want as a partner. I was blocked completely.

I put that script to one side and decided to just focus on the business and forget trying to search for anyone. A year later I decided to turn my inner work focus to Learning to love me. Learning to recognise why I was loveable and valuable and worthy of being loved. Within just a few months this incredible being came into my life out of no where. I didn't trust and I didn't allow myself to dream.

I would take forever to respond to him. Shut him out. But he was damn persistent and I'm so thankful he was. 3 months in and I have never felt more safe, more loved, more whole in all my life. He has embraced not only me but my 3 children too. He has stepped up to support me in their home education and also in supporitng me behind scenes to expand my business.

He ticked EVERY box on my script. He is a creative, charismatic, free soul! He has brought me into his wider family all of whom I love and adore already James came at a time where I was beginning to feel the pressures of 'going' it alone as a solo parent. I've been reluctant to celebrate it. To share it... because what if it all falls apart.

And that my lovelies is my next journey in this manifestation. As James says "we get to decide how amazing we be together" and he is absoloutely right. For any of you out there who need to know this: I had given up hope but the universe still heard me. The universes timing is exquisite. Be patient. Keep believing. Do the work. It is all possible. Thank you Amoya Shante for everything!

-Amber Cherelle

After seeing Ambers post I realize I haven’t posted this win yet! I am re-training my brain towards positivity, wins and gratitude after losing my way there a bit … I initially was attracted to Amoya because I was obsessed with the idea of moving to Mexico, & manifesting abundance to do so. After a year of doing the work, I started to become really inspired by her love story, and that round of MMA someone had mentioned how it was more then about money and many of the ladies that round were manifesting love.

I decided to claim it! Before that point I was resistant to love. I never thought it could happen for me. And I thought if it did, it could only happen overseas as all the men around me weren’t my type (limited belief) With my new beliefs of finding love, I decide I would need to put myself out there. I joined a dating website. I had been going to a local bar in a small town I lived in for MONTHS but never thought I’d find a quality guy there, mostly because I wanted a spiritual guy not a drunk (bad past experience). Universe had different plans though!

Since I had set the intention, and took action through joining a dating website, universe opened the door to meet the love of my life..and yes it was in the bar! No he’s not a drunk. In fact he rarely ever goes out or drinks, and the night he met was a one off… In fact the day we met was a Tuesday, and I ALWAYS went to the bar Thursdays but had felt a nudge to visit the bar that day. There’s are about 6 divine timings that had to align for us to meet that day We’ve been dating for 3 months now- and he’s the best man that’s ever walked into my life.

Everything I had imagined. Kind, considerate, hard working, sexy, the sex is amazing, the best cat dad, gets along w/ my mom.. It’s only been 3 months and I feel like I’ve known him my whole life. We are slowly transitioning out of honeymoon stage to a few more discussions/arguments & he handles my fears w/ such grace. Thank you universe

Your Questions Answered Gorgeous Soul!

How long is the program?

10 weeks with 16 live sessions that are recorded and two integration weeks. You will have lifetime access to the content and community FB group.

When are the sessions?

The sessions will most likely be at 3:30 pm MT time Tuesdays and Thursdays on Zoom. They are subject to change as needed and replays will be available. (Please note that the schedule might change slightly at times)

When does the program start?

The official start date is June 11 th.

Who is Amore for?

Single Queens who are ready to manifest a healthy and aligned love.

How Is The Program Facilitated?

We will meet twice a week for 8 of the 10 weeks. The first session of the week will be  an engaging teaching session that will be 60 to 90 minutes long on Zoom. The second session of the week will be a Q & A and subconscious reprogramming session that will be 90 minutes to 2 hours long. There will be love manifestation actions given between sessions to due on your own time.

Envision Your Soft Life, Elevate Your Mindset, and Step Into Your Soft Life Era Now. 

Home And On-The-Go Classes

In this Live 3 Day Masterclass I will guide you through how to:

Envision & Design Your Most Aligned Life where you get to give yourself permission to say YES to your won desires…..

Elevate Your Mindset To Ease & Flow through transforming your language choices and welcoming incremental changes in your life that will compound into massive transformation.

Embody Your Soft Life Queen Energy Now- where hustle mentality is left behind once and for all and where burning out is a thing of the past.

The Schedule

Day 1

Envisioning & defining your most ALIGNED life

Day 2

Elevating your mindset in a way that serves YOU

Day 3

Embodying Your Soft Life Queen Era Now

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