Transform your mindset and RELEASE

the limiting beliefs holding you back

So you can stop feeling stuck and MANIFEST your BEST Life- Your RICH Life!!

Transform your mindset and RELEASE the limiting beliefs holding you back

So you can stop feeling stuck and MANIFEST your BEST Life- Your RICH Life!!

Step into the world of Rich Queens Academy, where you'll reprogram your subconscious mind so that you can manifest

the life of your DREAMS. 

Does this sound like YOU?

You feel stuck in life with no clear

direction on how to move forward. 

Overwhelmed with

even where to begin.

Paralyzed by fear at the thought of

stepping out of your comfort zone.

Sick of going through the

day-to-day motions of life.

Tired of seeing others living their absolute

dream life while your life stays the same year and after year.

Feel guilt for desiring more out of life?

Feel guilt for desiring more out of life?

If you said YES to any of the above, then I have medicine for your soul. 

Rich Queens Academy is for YOU!

Rich Queens Academy is not your typical course or program. It is a 4 month transformational experience led by Amoya Shante. 

RQA is infused with love, powerful tools, valuable lessons, deep energetic healing, and guidance that will propel you into living your Rich Life.

Here is the Rich Queen Life Blueprint

Phase 1

In the FOUNDATION stage of Rich Queens Academy, think of it like we're laying the baddest, most unshakable groundwork for the RICH life you're about to live. No dream palace was ever built on shaky ground, right? 

So, first things first, we're gonna put out some killer vibes and intentions so strong that the Universe won't have any choice but to answer your call. Then we're gonna deep-dive into what you really, really want, and the WHY behind all your goals. 

We gotta make you a Queen magnet for all those dreamy things you're after.

And lastly, we'll get to the secret sauce that makes this program a game-changer—how we create change by speaking to the 90 percent of YOU, Queen!

Phase 2

In the RELEASE phase, we're gonna deal with all the junk that's messing up your energy and vibe. 

You ever wonder why you're not getting what you want? It's usually 'cause your energetic field's got some clutter that's basically acting like a "dream life repellent." 

And get this, most of that crap? You're not even aware of it—like, 90% is all unconscious baggage. 

Yeah, Queen, I'm talkin' about those deep-rooted, even past-life and generational hang-ups that are keeping you stuck in a never-ending loop of "almost-there-but-not-quite." 

So, what we're gonna do is LET-THAT-Sh*T-GO finally so you can finally break free from the repetitive loop of STRUGGLE  and live that Queen life you were born for!

Phase 3

Alright, now get ready for the EMBODIMENT phase of Rich Queens Academy. This is where we go from talk to walk, honey. So you've laid your foundation and tossed out the trash—now it's time to strut into your Rich Queen identity like you own the place, 'cause guess what? You do! 

This is the moment you've been waiting for, to truly vibe with your most luxurious self. You won't just be dreaming or planning anymore; you'll be living it. We're gonna use some seriously transformative exercises that blend psychology and a dash of divine feminine magic to help you step into this new version of you—confident, abundant, and let's not forget, fabulously wealthy in every way. 

It's not just about acting the part; it's about becoming the part. So buckle up, Queen, because your throne is ready and waiting!

A rich life is one that is abundant in love, joy, good health, connection, fulfillment, experiences, and yes, financial freedom.

Who is Amoya Shante?

I am so excited to share this program and experience with you.

It’s literally transformed my life for the better and I get to now GUIDE YOU QUEEN!

I’ve been passionate about guiding others on how to transform their mindsets so they can design and manifest a life of FREEDOM for forever now.

I had to learn the hard way through trial and error with little guidance.

Rich Queens Academy is everything I did to overcome my divorce, single mommyhood, depression, anxiety, perpetual brokenness, and limiting beliefs.

It led me to my soulmate and dream life in Mexico City.

You don’t have to learn the hard way.

It gets to be EASY and FUN.

I am a mindset and manifestation mentor, certified master NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, life coach, and the creator of the game changing community- Soft Life Queens.

Rich Queens Academy is the Academy that can help shift everything for YOU.

I believe in my students and my heart lead approach makes you feel instantly at home in our Queendom.

Meet our Money Manifestation Academy Team!

Emily Hart

Emily Hart is a Master Life Coach, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Reiki Healer who is passionate about connecting humans back to their power, their worth, and their truth through mindset and spirituality. She specializes in helping women to revolutionize their relationships and attract aligned love into their lives. She helps you break through old patterns by strengthening your relationship to yourself, so you can be, do + have all that you desire in life and love! She does this through 1:1 coaching, group coaching, certification trainings, and retreats.

Emily co-founded The Hart School, an NLP certification and breakthrough training program. The Hart School certifies students as NLP Life Coaches, NLP Practitioners, Hypnotherapists, and Quantum Time Technique Practitioners. Emily combines her passion for mindset work with her heart-centered approach to living and serving her clients and students. She is so excited to provide an expansive and playful learning environment to massively uplevel what's possible for you!

Marina Valentina

Marina has been through many struggles in her life, all of which had a greater purpose. Learning this has helped her grow and become a person who refuses to live in “victim-land.” She wants that for you, too.

Her desire to share what she has learned through this journey is an intention to make an impact on others. With this, she aims to achieve results for her clients that create the best versions of themselves. She does this by sharing the powerful tools of Radical Forgiveness, Reiki and Breathwork.

Marina is passionate about helping her clients release old stories and stuck emotions that no longer serve them so they can start their journey to freedom and harmony.

Vanessa Rud

Reiki practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner, and in house healing goddess. Sessions with Vanessa will help you release the biggest limiting beliefs holding you back from living your Rich Queen Life. Her sessions are powerful and transformational. You will leave these sessions as a completely new person ready to manifest the life of your dreams.

Karla Rodriguez

Karla Rodriguez, founder and coach of Metafit Metamind™ and host of the Metafit Metamind Podcast, is passionate about empowering women from diverse backgrounds through mindset shifts and the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). As one of the few Latina NLP trainers in the US, she aspires to create a ripple effect within her community and beyond. Through her captivating stories of leaders and entrepreneurs, Karla guides individuals to communicate with confidence, discover their purpose, and achieve lasting success.

Thrilled to join the Money Manifestation Program as a guest coach, Karla, also a trainer at Metafit Metamind Academy, leverages her coaching expertise to lead transformative classes focused on money manifestation. With a unique blend of practical strategies and empowering insights, she helps participants unlock their full potential and navigate a path towards financial success. Join Karla on this journey to revamp your money mindset, tap into the power of manifestation, and redefine your relationship with money for lasting prosperity.

With RQA you are getting

OVER $21,000

Worth Of Value:

$7777 VALUE

33 Live Sessions/Calls With Amoya Shante or an RQA Practitioner

$888 VALUE

The Money Manifestation Academy

(10 modules and 54 fun and engaging video lessons that will help you shift your money frequency and quantum leap into a life of ABUNDANCE)

$1997 VALUE

Goddess Transformation Program.

(18 Track Hypnosis Program to help you tap into the Wealth Frequency)


Forgive Masterclass

(A 3 video Masterclass to help you release what is holding you back from creating the wealth you truly desire.)

$1897 VALUE

Aligned YOU

(Align to your truest desires and manifest with ease and flow 9 video program.)

$3999 VALUE

The Vault

(All our previous call recordings. This is a treasure box of powerful past calls!)

$222 VALUE

1 year membership to Soft Life Queens membership

(Step Into Your Soft Life Queen Era)

$1297 VALUE

8 Majestic Meets

(Gather with fellow Queens and connect)

$1597 VALUE

8 Healing Seat Circles

(Release What Is No Longer Serving You)

$1111 VALUE

4 Quantum Timeline Technique Releasing Sessions


Rich Queens Academy Community & APP

$397 VALUE

18 Workbooks on mindset, manifestation, alignment, self love, and lifestyle design

But that´s NOT what your investment in the program is:

is ONLY $1,777

And you can get started on one of our payment plans for only $187 today!

Jenn Harrap

Glo Rosales

Karin Cooper

Tracy Frimpong

I used to feel this same exact way as you, Queen.

And it SUCKED!

I attracted lesson after lesson in relationships, my bank account dropped in the negative frequently, my work was exhausting and unfulfilling.

I felt trapped in the matrix of society and couldn’t see a way out, my health was deteriorating with the stress of day-to-day- life, and I felt like I was drowning with responsibilities and no way to catch my breath even for a second.

Until I decided enough was enough.

There had to be more to life than struggle and unhappiness.

I saw others living their best lives so why couldn’t I do the same?

Of course this is where those pesky limiting beliefs came in that told me I was a newly separated single mom of 3, my bank account was scarce, I had very little support if any, and I didn’t even know where to start with transforming my life for the better.

I made a decision in that moment of doubt to just imagine how good life could be.

I decided that I would be open to learning and growing and doing things differently.

Because everything I had done and decided in my past led me to that cold bathroom floor, crippled in my emotions, gasping for the will to keep going.

This meant that I could decide my way out of my current less than ideal reality. And that is exactly what I did and have been doing ever since.


I declared that I was done struggling and open to a reality greater than my wildest dreams.

I was READY to leave behind struggle and doubt and design my RICH QUEEN LIFE.

And I made a declaration to take other women along on this journey with me.

Rich Queens Academy is that declaration packaged up in with actionable tools, steps, love, and guidance that will help you design and manifest your Rich Life.

This is about more than me. This is about all of US.

First, I started with my mindset.

I knew that the behaviors, habits, beliefs, people I was hanging out with, and actions that led me to rock bottom would not be the same behaviors, habits, beliefs, people, and actions that would lead me out of it.

So I did something totally unexpected, slightly crazy, super daring, and very uncomfortable.

I sold all my possessions and set out to travel the world on a shoestring budget with my 3 daughters and no plan.

This BIG decision led me down a path of personal development, opened me up to the world of intentional manifesting, lifestyle design, and eventually guided me to the power of deep energetic healing.

And when I tell you my life shifted...

I mean it freaking transformed into something so beautiful that I couldn’t even have imagined 6 years ago on my cold bathroom floor.

When you change how you feel internally your external reality changes.

This is done through energetic healing.

This is what I show you in Rich Queens Academy.

This is WHY our Queens have so much transformation.

We don’t do surface level.

We go deep and shift things on a cellular level. Not only did I make new decisions, I changed my perspective on life in general.

I utilized the powerful tools I teach in the Academy to release everything that was holding me back from living a life of absolute FREEDOM.

And I repeat this over and over again reinventing my Rich Life as needed.

After working with hundreds of women now, I can say this...

What you believe to be true on a SUBCONSCIOUS level will be true for YOU.

If you want something to change, you need to start with reprogramming your core beliefs.

And that is WHY my work mainly lies in subconscious reprogramming.

And this is WHY our students get the most amazing results and lasting change.

Fast forward to six years later.

I now have a soul aligned 6 figure online business and global brand.

I manifested my soulmate, my dream engagement on a white sailboat, dream water birth of my baby girl Gaia Soul, cute apartment in Mexico City, private chef, nanny, housekeeper, tons of travel, lots of time off of work, and a “Soft Life” that I look forward to living each and every day.

I'm NO longer feeling unworthy, plagued with depression and anxiety, feeling lost and confused, and dreading the day ahead.

And I am not alone in this.


Karin Cooper

"If you're reading this it's the universe!"

I'm not sure where to start with the Rich Queens Academy. From the first day of the bootcamp I was hooked. I knew I was going to be In the Academy no matter what it took.

I have never been a part of an online space like the one Amoya has created. The energy is palpable through the screen and being a part of thr community has changed me. 

I have made friends who I consider close to even though I have never met them. I release emotions with her timeline therapy, of anger, fear, and guilt. I have never felt such peace as I do now. Learning scripting techniques and knowing that anything I can think of I can manifest is so powerful.

But my 1# favorite thing about the Academy was the once a week calls. I would go in feeling some type of way and come out smiling and at peace every. Single. Time. 

If you're reading this it's the universe. It's time to step into your Rich queen Era. I'll see you there.

Esperanza Dodge

"The best part of Amoya’s programs is the community!"

I first took Amoya’s, Design Your Rich Queen Life Mini Course, and fell in love.

 I think it was Amoya’s energy that was so intoxicating. She brought hope and joy to my life in a moment where I was so down. I hadn’t felt a spark like that in so long. 

I was the first one to enroll in Rich Queens Academy that round because it absolutely called to me. What I love about RQA is that it isn’t just about making money, which is exciting in and of itself, but also manifesting all the beautiful, wonderful experiences you want out of life. 

I dedicated myself to attending the Zoom calls, watching the videos and journaling my answers to the prompts. Things really skyrocketed once I heard about the Soft Life! 

Some of the things that came out of my journey since joining RQA and Aligned You including student loan forgiveness of $48k, random money here and there, so much travel, free upgrades at every hotel I stay and perks at every show, etc, fancy meals and the list could go on and on. 

The best part of Amoya’s programs is the community and being in space with others who are also working towards living their best life!


Cassie Goodluck Johnson

"I landed a high paying dream remote job after joining the Academy and I couldn´t be happier."


"Working with Amoya saved my life!"

Bonus Guest Sessions

Step into

the WORLD of

Rich Queens Academy

where you

WILL design

the life of


Your Questions Answered Gorgeous Soul!

How many Live Sessions Are There?

32 Live Sessions over the 4 months.

How many sessions are with Amoya?

11 Sessions will be with Amoya and they last between an hour and a half to over 2 hours.

Do we get lifetime access?

Yes! You get lifetime access to the recorded content. You do not get lifetime access to the live sessions. However, Amoya has let past members attend live calls for the past nearly 2 years with no plans of that changing any time soon.

How much does it cost ?

Your investment in RQA is $1777. We offer payment plans as well to make it even easier for you to join us.

How many sessions/calls are there?

There are 31 sessions in total over 4 months.

Envision Your Soft Life, Elevate Your Mindset, and Step Into Your Soft Life Era Now. 

Home And On-The-Go Classes

In this Live 3 Day Masterclass I will guide you through how to:

Envision & Design Your Most Aligned Life where you get to give yourself permission to say YES to your won desires…..

Elevate Your Mindset To Ease & Flow through transforming your language choices and welcoming incremental changes in your life that will compound into massive transformation.

Embody Your Soft Life Queen Energy Now- where hustle mentality is left behind once and for all and where burning out is a thing of the past.

The Schedule

Day 1

Envisioning & defining your most ALIGNED life

Day 2

Elevating your mindset in a way that serves YOU

Day 3

Embodying Your Soft Life Queen Era Now

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