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Why Living In Mexico Will Ruin You

I hate to admit it but living in Mexico has ruined me to the point of no return. I don’t know what to do about it. I’m pissed and confused. Here is why living in Mexico will ruin you too.

Take A Chill Pill

I am so chill now, y’all! Too damn chill. All I want to do is lay around in a hammock soaking up the Mexican sun while casually shoving my face with tacos and drinking horchata all day. This will absolutely happen to you if you make the decision to escape the US and come and live in Mexico. Once you break free from that 9 to 5 you hate and come over to the fun side of the wall, you’ll find yourself chill as f*ck! It is contagious how chill this place is. Like seriously. I only need to work an hour a day and then the rest of the day is Tacoooosssss!!!

Novella chilling on a rooftop patio in beautiful Mexico

It Is Time To Talk

One of the most shocking things I discovered the first full day I was in Mexico was how everyone was actually talking to each other. They weren’t staring at their phone screens mindlessly scrolling through Facebook trying to find out if Becky was going to complain about her lying cheating husband again for like the 500th time. Nope. In Mexico you will actually have to talk to people face to face. Scary right? Your phone won’t seem so important anymore and since you will already be super chill those dreadful emails from the boss you hate won’t be calling your name either.

travel messes you up
The girls enjoying a discussion at our favorite resteraunt in Guanajuato.

Save Face

My face freaking hurts every-single-day. You want to know why? It is because I can’t stop smiling. I am completely ruined. My resting bitch face is gone and my face is frozen in this permanent smile because I am so damn happy to be living in Mexico. Your face will hurt too. It sucks. I have tried to warn you over and over again about this country. Just read the 5 Dangers of Mexico You Didn’t know by clicking here if you don’t believe me.

No more resting bitch face thanks to Mexico

Sleepless Nights

I haven’t slept a full night since moving to Mexico. Who am I kidding? I have a toddler so I haven’t slept in over two years but let’s get back to the topic of why living in Mexico will ruin you. Mexicans love to celebrate. In all our travels, I have not met any others who celebrate as much as Mexicans do. There favorite way of showing off another celebration is fireworks. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is, fireworks will be going off which then makes every single dog in the entire country start barking which still isn’t as loud as the neighbor’s music.  Times up sorry. I have to go light this firework and partayyyyy!!

22 thoughts on “Why Living In Mexico Will Ruin You

  1. Marilu Perea says:

    Love reading your blogs and Keep smiling. Thats what life is all about🙏God bless you and your girls.

      1. Pamela Roan says:

        I’m so happy you’re happy down here but I’m interested in what you think about the cartel violence and corruption that expats seem to want to ignore.
        What about the 40 expats who lost over 40 million dollars in San Miguel Allende last week when their accounts were drained by Monex? There is no FDIC in Mexico. They are having to sue to get back pennies on the dollar. People have lost their lifes savings.
        What do you do about getting basic amenities? Dependable water running and electricity? What do you do about the basic sanitation problem., pollution, police protection? How much extortion are your local businesses paying to stay in business? How much mordita does your local taco stand have to pay? Sunshine is free. Are you able to travel to the next town at night to just visit a friend? I wouldn’t risk it.
        What about medical care? An ER trip will cost you $6,000 US up front before they even look at you- if you have a hospital clode by. I’ve heard of tubes being removed because of delayed additional cash payment. Mexico is more than sunshine and tacos. I’ve been here 22 years and there is a reality you serm to dismiss.

        1. says:

          Sound like to me you live in the real world of Mexico Yes Mexico has two parts just like any other country.

  2. Mayte Mendoza-Fraire says:

    After reading this… I want to go back to my beautiful Mexico!!

  3. Ken says:

    What suggestions can you provide for someone who wants to experience the joy and happiness you’ve found in Mexico but on a trial basis to make sure its right for them? I’m a single male from Chicago and I’m so over the corporate life. Thanks in advance.

  4. Melissa says:

    Looks amazing.How’s the job market there?
    Girl’s gotta eat.

    1. Pernell says:

      Exactly. How do you pay your bills working only 1 hour a day? Definitely a life I’d love!

  5. grashpr51 says:

    Just came across your blog and loved it! I’m a single, experienced black woman who moved down here in April. I’m enjoying myself but it’s been hard making friends or meeting people. Probably doesn’t help that I’m an introvert, but I’ve been pushing myself. Everyone’s coupled up. Anyway keep up the good work. Thinking about taking a trip to Mexico City.

    1. Tom Smith says:

      that should tell you something this lady is full of shit. mexico sucks, i hate this fuckin country

  6. Louis Canotas says:

    Hey, I’ve been to Mexico many times. Mexico City, PV, San Miguel, Oaxaca. I love it! But do keep your eyes open. My biz partner just managed to elude getting kidnapped a couple months ago in Mx city. All well, but has definitely made me a bit more cautious.
    That being said, Mexico is a great country and a ton of fun. Enjoy!

  7. Julis says:

    I have lived here alone with a small dog for 18 years. Love your approach and logic, great writing. Thanks so much …
    have s book out not on mexico. It is called Theb Red Silk Robe , a true international story

    I have my own ask julua for any questions on personal questions on
    Thank you again girvthis great column. Julia cynthia kent

  8. Tom Smith says:

    This article is a crock of shit. Maybe if your made of money and never have to deal with the government or never try and start a business or are one of the naive that there are so many of who dont even know they are getting fucked. So in other words living in a fantasy Mexico In the real Mexico where you have to pay a bribe to the cable guy just to get him to do his job which you’ve already paid for or where you have to constantly be on the look out for people trying to scam you, where the cops consider you guilty when its you verses a Mexican, where everyone you meet is probably just setting you up to try and screw you in the future, where buying a property is terrifying because if not done exactly right the person will just take it back after you’ve built it into something nice, where the justice system is nonexistent, the police are absolutely useless unless you Mexican, where three weeks means three months minimum. Where your lawyer is more likely to be paid off to screw you instead of help you, where the government only cares that you spend your money here and beyond that they will tell you to go fuck yourself. Where a cop can extort money from you right in front of everyone, you complain to everyone necessary and nobody gives a shit. Where the government run electric company will just decide they want some spending money for a weekend vacation and knock on your door and tell you that you owe 80,000 pesos or you wont have electricity. ever again! But they will settle for 20,000 right now. Where starting a business means paying off the taxis, paying off the local officials, paying of the police, having every employee you hire steal from you, have no concern for keeping there job, then sue you when you fire them, and then maybe your competition wont run your name into the ground and destroy your business that way instead of having the guts to compete against you. Where all you Mexican competition doesnt have any of the required paperwork to be in operation but if you don’t they will be at your doorstep extorting money from you. This article is a fantasy, probably written by a government employee. Because Mexico is a shit hole full of criminals, drug addicts, con artists, corrupt officials and the rest are full blown racists. This is reality.


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