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I help women transform their money mindsets so they can manifest the wealth they truly desire.

I am Amoya Shante

I’m a manifestation and mindset mentor, Master NLP Practitioner, hypnotherapist, and the founder of the Money Manifestation Academy- a game changing transformational program designed to help you quantum leap into your FREEDOM life.

I utilize my Master NLP certification and Master Hypnotherapist certification to coach women on dropping their limiting stories, transforming their mindset, and designing their "Rich Queen" lives.

I love to share in-depth articles and guides, personal blog posts, and YouTube videos.

Back in 2016, I separated from my then-husband when my youngest was only 3-months-old. I was broken, depressed, lonely, and lost.

One day, I pulled myself out of bed, booked a trip to the coast of Texas, and told my girls we were going on an ADVENTURE.

That little trip changed everything! For the first time in months, we forgot all our problems, reconnected, and laughed endlessly.

Coming back home from that trip and going right back into a routine of absolute MISERY lead me to ask my girls a crazy question.

What if they quit school and we traveled all the time?

Within 30 days we sold all our possessions, ended the lease on our condo, and set out on an adventure of a lifetime.

I started this blog (formerly called Trippin Momma) to document the journey and started my first Facebook group Single Moms DO Travel because I struggled to find a positive single mom group and wanted to connect with other traveling single moms.

That adventure took us to Puerto Rico, across the US on a 2-month road trip, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, Albania, Kosovo, and Guatemala.

Two and a half years into our slow travel journey we found ourselves exhausted and ready to have a home again.

This took us back to my favorite country. Mexico, where we fell in love with Merida.

I still wasn’t completely ready for regular life so I decided to DO something crazy and open up a hostel for single moms wanting to travel and live abroad.

We filmed the entire journey on House Hunters International and although we loved many things about running the hostel ultimately we decided to close the doors after 7 months.

From there I went on to launch my own online business and created the Money Manifestation Academy!

Happy reading!

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