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Transform Your Money Mindset and manifest the wealth you truly desire with my 5-Day Money Manifestation Bootcamp kicking off in 2023.

Have you ever wanted to crack the code to actually manifesting the money you truly desire and dropping the struggle game?

Manifesting wealth and abundance just got a whole lot easier! In just 5-days you're going to learn my 4 step Money Manifestation Blueprint that took me from a financially struggling single mom of three to a thriving business owner.

Let's say goodbye to our money struggles and welcoming in the most ABUNDANT year ever together!


Your Host

Amoya Shante is an entrepreneur and mom of three girls who sold all her possessions to travel the world full-time.

She is a master NLP practitioner certified by Yager Training Company in the following areas: Quantum Time Technique Practitioner, Practitioner Hypnotherapist Certification, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Life Coach, and Certified Practitioner of Nuero-Linguistics Programming.

After traveling the world full-time as well as living abroad in Canada, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Panama, and Mexico, Amoya was inspired to start the Money Manifestation Club formerly known as the Inner Circle.

Amoya has coached and inspired hundreds of women to push past their limiting beliefs and create lives of absolute FREEDOM.

She has a heart centered approach that will help you go from feeling stuck and lost to feeling empowered and clear on the steps you need to take to create your joyful dream life.

Amoya is passionate about helping women transform their mindsets so they can create wildly wealthy lives of FREEDOM!


The Money Manifestation Bootcamp Is Where You'll Learn Exactly How To:

  • Set a powerful money goal for your next 12 months

  • Get crystal clear and aligned on the life you want to live without any limitations

  • Utilize the power of the subconscious mind and reprogram your money beliefs to take inspired action out of complete alignment

  • Learn the art of forgiveness so you can release old money stories that are holding you back from manifesting the money you truly desire

  • Embody the version of you who already has the life you truly desire so you can manifest effortlessly



($1776 Value)

Full Scholarship to my coaching/course program, The Money Manifestation Academy (MMA)


($200 Value)

A 30 Minute Hypnosis Session with Amoya Shante


($100 Value)

$100 Straight to your PayPal account


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