Transform your mindset, heal your soul, align to your truest desires, & quantum leap into your FREEDOM life!

We start April 3rd!

Transform your mindset, heal your soul, align to your truest desires, & quantum leap into your FREEDOM life!

Imagine if...

  • You no longer felt confused by the manifestation process

  • You learned how to embody the future version of you who is happy, healthy, and wealthy.

  • You were a part of a powerful and intimate group of women not only transforming their own lives for the better but also doing great things in the world

  • You no longer carried around Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt, and Shame so you could honor your emotions without them controlling you.

  • You believed and therefore experienced that everything is always working out for your highest good.

Choose Your Unique Journey

⏰Fast Action Bonus:

Join before Monday March 20th At 3:33 PM CST and receive group bonus (Embody Your Most Abundant Year) session plus replay

with Amoya Shante!

The key to transforming your life for the better is reprogramming your unconscious mind.

This gets to be easy.

What if, just suppose, EVERYTHING was working out for your highest good?

What if in 12 weeks or less you could learn all the tools necessary to transform your money mindset and attract the wealth you truly desire so you can design your dream life of FREEDOM?

Introducing the Money Manifestation Academy (VIP)

9 live sessions with Amoya Shante where you will experience powerful transformational sessions of NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Technique, and Life Coaching.

6 Abundance Circles with Coach Marina Valentina for the duration of the three month program.

The Goddess Transformation Program which retrains your brain and opens you up to Wealth & Abundance..

1 x On Demand Money Manifestation playlist.

1 x On Demand Tap Into Your High Vibration Masterclass with Empowerment Coach Amber Cherelle Moore

Instant Access to 54 Motivational, Inspirational, & Empowering video transmissions with Amoya Shante starting April 3rd.

8 Mindset & Manifestation Enhancer workbooks to help you dive deeper into 

the lessons.

Instant Access to our Vault with all our past replays & workshops starting April 3rd.

Bonus Guest Session

Ju Cordina

Workshop Name: Love & Expansion Brief

Ju Cordina is a certified Self-Love & Mindset coach. Her mission in life is to guide women across the world to overcome their doubts and fears, fall deeply in love with themselves and rewrite their story as one of freedom, fulfilment and abundance.

This workshop will take you through the death & rebirth cycle, teaching you how to shed your limiting beliefs, make peace with your inner critic and alchemise your pain into feminine power & self-love.

Helen Geay

Workshop Name: Unleashing the power of your womb workshop

Helen is a life coach who helps women heal their trauma through somatic healing practices so they can awaken and embody the feminine, living a life that is in true alignment with who they are.

The Money Manifestation Academy VIP

Where you will manifest MORE than just MONEY.

The transformational mindset and manifestation course & group coaching program where you’ll learn how to reprogram your money mindset so you can attract the wealth you truly desire and design your dream life.

The Money Manifestation Academy VIP Experience is not your typical course or group coaching program. This program is designed to create transformational real results.

Our students get these results because we utilize Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Quantum Time Technique, and Life Coaching to ensure the most transformational results out there.

Some of our students are making their investments in the program plus so much more back in as little as 7 weeks.

We don’t work with just anyone. We work with women who are ready to quantum leap into a wildly wealthy successful life of freedom.

Money grants FREEDOM! Our techniques transform your money mindset on a cellular level which then transforms your behavior into peak performance.

All of your past thinking and behavior has lead you this far. If you want a different life, you have to do something differently.

This is your opportunity to say YES to investing in yourself and then seeing how the Universe answers you with opportunities, people, and resources you couldn’t even have imagined.

Let’s do this!

It's Your Journey To Choose, Queen.

⏰Fast Action Bonus:

Join before Monday March 20th At 3:33 PM CST and receive group (Embody Your Most Abundant Year) bonus session plus replay

with Amoya Shante!

This is for you if...

You are READY to heal unhealthy patterns in your life and welcome in endless abundance across all life areas.

You STRUGGLE with letting go of the past and everything that has happened to you in life.

You DREAM of falling in love with life again or maybe in the first time.

You are READY for the struggle to be over and instead welcome in ease & flow.

You DESIRE to make big changes in your life but you don't know where to even start.

Also included in the VIP Academy

The Goddess Transformation for Money Manifestation Academy Program

$2997 Value

Manifest money while you go about your normal daily activities. This program contains Brainwave Entrainment.

In this bonus program, there are a total of 14 hypnosis tracks plus six bonus hypnotherapy track sessions.

8 Money Manifestation Academy Workbooks

$500 Value

The Money Manifestation Academy Workbooks will help you dive deeper with every lesson.

They will help keep you accountable and focused with journal prompts, summarized lessons, and money manifestation action items.

Bimonthly Abundance Circles with our MMA Coaches.

$1997 Value

We want to make sure you get all your questions answered and you feel extra supported .

The Abundance Circles with our official MMA coaches are an added bonus to ensure you get the support you need throughout the program.

54 Video Lessons

$5997 Value (Lifetime Access)

The Academy video lessons are professionally recorded and designed as well as highly engaging. These are not your average boring video lessons.

These videos are informative, informational, and motivational.

Exclusive Community

$5997 Value (Lifetime Access)

Our intimate community is both inspirational and motivational.

You will be able to connect with all the Queens who have said YES to calling in the wealth they truly desire on an app!

You gain access to our exclusive community on April 3rd.

You can access the app through desktop or mobile.

I can't wait to welcome you, Queen!.

Hear From Our Students & Clients


Amoya Saved My Life!

Amber Cherelle

This Is A Game Changer!

Glo Rosales

You are not here by coincidence or chance. If you are on this page right now, it’s because you are supposed to be here...

You know that YOU are ready for massive change.

You know that you are worthy of living the life you truly desire.

You are more than open minded to receive a blueprint to show you exactly how to call in the wealth you truly desire and manifest a life greater than you have ever dreamed of.

The Time is now.

You GET TO choose your Experience...

Join before Monday March 20th At 3:33 PM CST and receive group bonus session

with Amoya Shante!

Academy Student Success Stories

Maybe you can relate to some of these statements?

You are tired of being scared to check your bank account. You know that there is more to life than struggle or just having enough but you can’t seem to figure out a way.

You dream of overflow, choice, and FREEDOM.

You are ready to be a part of a powerful sisterhood.

You see others out there manifesting their dream lives and you don’t understand why your dream life is not in your physical reality yet.

You’ve done the vision boards and set the goals but there is something missing. Something is not quite clicking.

I get it. I’ve been there and so have a lot of my clients.

In MMA, you gain access to my 12 step Money Manifestation Blueprint. This exact process took me from being a struggling single mom of three to having a thriving business, finding my soulmate, and living my dream life.

Let me be honest. Lean in here. There is no secret to this manifesting money game. There really isn’t. There are books, courses, programs, blogs, YouTube channels, and everything else out there teaching on how to manifest money and how to create your dream life.

You can keep learning about the manifesting world that way.

I did for years but let me tell you this, it wasn’t until I invested in myself big time that everything changed for me.

When I invested, it was like telling the UNIVERSE I was ready for change.

And the investment helped me hold myself accountable to doing the work.

Because if I hadn’t invested, I would have ran when it was time to do the inner work.

I would have stayed learning for free and never truly moving forward.

Lots of info from a lot of people isn’t that helpful. In fact, it can slow you down and leave you feeling confused and frustrated.

For me, I was so done getting my info from various sources and never going deep enough for lasting powerful AF change.

I needed it packaged together with accountability, guidance, support, clarity, and love.

That is what you will find in MMA VIP.

I believe in my students and clients. I believe in their ability to choose themselves and to invest in themselves and since I believe in them and they believe in themselves they get major results.

That’s the beauty of surrounding yourself with people who will uplift, support, love, and hold you in accountability.

Who is your instructor & Host?

Amoya Shante is an entrepreneur and mom of four girls who sold all her possessions to travel the world full-time.

She is a master NLP practitioner certified by Yager Training Company in the following areas: Quantum Time Technique Practitioner, Practitioner Hypnotherapist Certification, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Life Coach, and Certified Practitioner of Nuero-Linguistics Programming.

After traveling the world full-time as well as living abroad in Canada, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Panama, and Mexico, Amoya was inspired to start the Money Manifestation Academy.

Amoya has coached and inspired hundreds of women to push past their limiting beliefs and create lives of absolute FREEDOM.

She has a heart centered approach that will help you go from feeling stuck and lost to feeling empowered and clear on the steps you need to take to create your joyful dream life.

Amoya is passionate about helping women transform their mindsets so they can create wildly wealthy lives of FREEDOM!

Her coaching style:

Amoya has a different approach to coaching. Yes, she will hold you in loving accountability. Yes, she does believe in your ability to complete the money manifestation’s action items.

Amoya believes in creating powerful hypnosis recordings for you and facilitating transformational group timeline therapy sessions.

She understand that emotions are real and meant to be felt not demonized.

In MMA, we work on the subconscious level which is where you operate from 95 percent of the time.

We create lasting change by rewiring and refiring what is happening underneath the surface and bring a level awareness to it so we can change on a core level which leads to massive change in our physical reality.

The Path You Choose IS Up To YOU...

Join before Monday March 20th At 3:33 PM CST and receive group bonus session

with Amoya Shante!

Linette Vaszquez


Cassie Goodluck-Johnson

Your Questions Answered Gorgeous Soul!

What type of program is this? 

The Money Manifestation Academy is a journey into the deepest parts of you. It’s a mix of recorded content and powerful transformational live sessions with replays included. Although you are given content over the course of 12 weeks, it’s definitely a lifetime journey that you can keep coming back to over and over again. 

I am not motivated by MONEY, is this program for me? 

The Academy is about so much MORE than money. More money is just one of the positive side effects of this program. Students have manifested soulmates, businesses, travel, living abroad, improved health, and so much more. If you desire transformation in your life and FREEDOM, this program is for YOU.

Are there payment plans available? 

Yes Queen! We currently offer a 12 months payment plan so you can spread out your payments. 

I am so busy! Will I be able to keep up with the content? 

Absolutely! This isn’t about keeping up. You have lifetime access to the recorded content and replays so you can take as much time as you need. 

When are the live sessions with Amoya Shante? 

Thursdays at 4:30 pm CST. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live. Our replays are just as effective as the live sessions. Sometimes it is even better to do them on your own time. 

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