Money Mindset Coaching for Women

I help women transform their money mindsets so they can manifest the wealth they truly desire.

Hello Beautiful! I am Amoya Shante, your Mindset & Manifestation Mentor

I've mentored and inspired hundreds of gorgeous souls to transform their mindsets, fall in love with life again, and manifest lives of absolute FREEDOM with ease & flow.


Let me show you how to fall in love with you and life itself so you become a magnet for everything you desire including LOVE.

I will teach you how subconscious reprogramming & energetics are THE key ingredients currently missing in your love life.

It is time for you to go from over-thinking, frustrated, confused, lonely to embodying your feminine energy and attracting the love you desire with ease.

Amore will help you do exactly this using my feminine manifestation process that helped me go from single AF for 5 plus years to in a loving and committed relationship with the love of my life in less than 3 months after starting this process.

Woo your Money

What if you could transform your MONEY reality, and welcome in more CASH than you did last month in the next 21 days?

Get ready to Woo Your Money and unlock a new era of prosperity.

21 Days of Mind Blowing Money Manifestation Training, Sisterhood Like No Other, and Prizes!

Vision Boards, Affirmations, and Journaling won’t grow your bank account and definitely won’t make your business dreams come true so you can live a life of FREEDOM .

Money Manifestation Academy

The transformational mindset and manifestation course & group coaching program where you’ll learn how to reprogram your money mindset so you can attract the wealth you truly desire and design your dream life.

The Money Manifestation Academy Experience

is not your typical course or group coaching program. This program is designed to create transformational real results.

What if in 12 weeks or less you could learn all the tools necessary to transform your money mindset and attract the wealth you truly desire so you can design your dream life of FREEDOM?

Money Manifestation Bootcamp

Crack the code to manifesting the money you truly desire and dropping the struggle game!

Manifesting wealth and abundance just got a whole lot easier!

In just 5-days you're going to learn my 4 step Money Manifestation Blueprint that took me from a financially struggling single mom of three to a thriving business owner in a loving relationship living my dream life in Mexico.

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