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Hey there! Welcome to the FAQ page. This is where I will answer the most common questions I receive for my Single Moms DO Inner Circle Membership Site. 

What is included in the Single Moms DO Inner Circle?

There is a ton included in the membership site so I will try not to overwhelm you but here we go. In the membership site you will gain access to a high vibe community of over 100 single moms, monthly goal setting, monthly book club, monthly movie night, bi-weekly conscious parenting circles, monthly guest expert speakers, private marco polo chat groups, writer’s mastermind, business mastermind, Travel & Living Abroad Course, How To Manifest Through Scripting mini course, and How To Build Community Anywhere In The World mini course.

What happens if I miss a live call?

We are all single mommas with busy lives so you might not be able to attend every call and event. It is okay, most of our calls are recorded so you will be able to watch the replay. 

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time. It is easy to do in your personal settings. Don’t worry. You are under no contract and we will not hold you hostage. 

Do you have a refund policy?

I DO have a refund policy. The policy is that we DO NOT give refunds. We definitely want mommas to join that feel completely comfortable joining us so if you are thinking about asking for refunds, this heart and soul community might not be the space for you.

What happens after I pay?

Such a good question! You will automatically be taken to the Mighty Network site where our membership site is hosted so you can get connected with our community. In addition to that, you will receive an email from me telling you everything you need to know about the Single Moms DO Academy & Inner Circle.

If I join, do I get access to you?

Absolutely! My inbox in the membership site is always open. I don’t always respond right away. I take weekends off but I respond as soon as possible. I am also active on our Marco Polo chats and I lead the goal setting workshop and the book club call every month. 

What is your favorite food?

Although I live in Mexico where the best tacos in the world exist, burgers and fries are still my top pick. I guess you can’t take the Texan out of me.

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